Fast, Easy at Home Workout Plan for Stay At Home Moms

This workout plan should be done six to seven days per week, it is designed for mothers of little children who can not seem to find the time to workout, so this workout plan can be done with your baby if you like. Each exercise is to be done for 30 seconds, and a 30 second break after each exercise, so you will need a watch or clock with a second hand on it. And for this particular routine you will also need a chair. This is a beginners routine so if you find it to easy or difficult just move on to any other of our over 100 routines we have posted all over the internet. Or just email us at the address listed below.

workout routines

1) Calf Raises ( while standing up straight with feet shoulder width apart raise up and down on your tip-toes for 30 seconds.)

2) Squats ( using the chair sit down then stand up straight, repeat as many times possible for 30 seconds.)

3) Curls ( using the chair or baby lift from waist to chest as many times possible in 30 seconds 5-10 times is good.)

4) Jogging (jog or run in place for 30 seconds)

5) Bed push ups ( while on lying on a bed do push-ups for 30 seconds, or hold yourself in the up position of a push-up for 30 seconds. )

If you found this workout plan to easy just email us and let us know we have over 100 different workout routines designed for everyone, no matter what your size or condition is. We do all of our training the internet.

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