Faithfully fit forever–mixing faith and fitness.

Developed in Fargo, ND, through MeritCare Health System’s

Parish Nurse Ministry (led by Janet Drechsel) and Cardiovascular

Rehabilitation Services, Faithfully Fit Forever (FFF) incorporates an

wholistic concept of Body, Mind, and Spirit. More than 500 people have

completed Leader Training in a variety of faith communities across the

United States.

The goals are as follows. Body–to promote increased activity and

access to exercise programs in your community, Mind–to increase

awareness and understanding of health risks and healthy living, and

Spirit–to enhance the fellowship and spiritual growth of faith and

community members. Class times are flexible and at the discretion of the

leader, but a typical class may include 40 minutes of exercise, 10

minutes of group discussion on a health-related topic, 10 minutes of


Trainers for this program, which fits all age groups, must

participate in a leader workshop, led by exercise physiologists.

Included in the workshop are a training manual with reproducible

handouts, a video and other informational resources and tips on group

exercise leadership. New leaders will participate in a group exercise

class demonstration; learn how to facilitate discussion on an

educational topic and how to lead devotions. Safety considerations and

liability issues are also discussed.


For information on bringing FFF training to your area, contact

Laura Alderman, Director of MeritCare Faithfully Fit Forever, at

701-234-5659 or [email protected]

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