1. Her mom is a bitch!!!!


  3. Love her attitude 🙂

  4. well done love all the best for the future hugs 🙂

  5. Lol, she said that she is ready to hear what she already heard 😀

  6. She came a very long way from where she was at! Her weight loss of 201 ln
    one year is truly amazing.

  7. Omg my mum is the most expressionless woman in the whole entire planet. I
    cant even describe how bad she is… like I love her but I could win the
    Olympics and she’s probably just smile and give me a high-five. Not because
    she isn’t proud of anything, I know she’s happy for me… but it’s
    frustrating that she makes EVERYTHING seem like such a small deal when it’s
    life changing.

  8. OMG – The mum is such a bitch!!!! I am a mum of four children and would
    never ever speak to them or speak about them the way this woman has!!!

  9. I love the sister! 🙂

  10. I don’t see why her mom is a bitch. She wanted her to loose the weight from
    the beginning because she’s concerned about her being so big and knows that
    it’s fatal.

  11. Chris powell was better looking in season one! Gosh, is that even possible?!

  12. her older daughter is such a sweet heart, really a blessing to her. But I
    felt like the youngest child is in the comfort beeing the fathers child and
    making her older sister standing a little bit in her shaddow. But
    really–the older sister is just great!! Really funny and vivid.

  13. Stay, I know it is easy to say it–but please forgive your mom, that she
    cannot open up to you or show how much she loves you in first place. Just
    return love to her, just love her within not counting her mistakes and
    forgive. Once you will realize that everything comes back to you and all
    your investment in love will return as a blessing. Blessings are returning
    thats a law. So overcome this and tell her that you love her. Pray about it.

  14. shut up.

  15. I’m also not an emotional person but come on ” I don’t want to raise her
    two kids”?!?!?! what kind of a mother talks like that

  16. I am also not an emotional person, and I still think she was just sooo

  17. Her mom kept saying, oh she’s only raised two kids and I’ve raised three in
    this condescending tone, and “I’m not going to raise her kids if she dies”
    stuff like that. It seems like the only reason she wants her daughter to
    lose weight is so it will benefit herself. I’m only 15 minutes in but I
    really dislike the mom.

  18. I wouldn’t call her a bitch , but after constant nagging from her , i would
    at least want her to show more appreciation and to tell her she is proud of
    her at least because she’s actually doing it , knowing where she’s coming
    from !

  19. I love this woman’s courage 🙂 so proud for her

  20. am proud of u,keep it up

  21. well done

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  23. The daughter said that she thought the mom would only love her if she was
    thinner. So, the mom even if she is extremely excited for her daughter
    would not want to show her too much excitement so that the daughter would
    not take it the wrong way. I get that! I think that the mother is very
    happy and the sister is just lovely and that people are reading into this
    the wrong way. I hope Stasi keeps it up, she will enjoy her life so much
    more. And, she’s just beautiful!

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  25. She has a beautiful face!

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