1. 365 Days Without Sugar

    Most of us do not have that much weight to lose in order to become
    healthier. There is no one standing in your way but you?

    #weightloss #obese #morbidobesity #selflove #365dayswithoutsugar 

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  3. If i lose my mum i i i i dont even know what to do

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  5. Actually, Mexico is the fattest country in the world. Pay up them dollar
    bills, son.

  6. haha yea someone let me know that already…guess I owe some ppl some
    moolah lol

  7. Chris is a great trainer I love the show.

  8. I love Chris he’s such a great trainer but he really knows how to use guilt
    on a person. I cracked up when he was like “Alex, your mom is watching you”
    to get him to move again. Like what a way to get a person to move – I’d get
    back up. It’s so wonderful to see them all stick with it and lose the
    weight. There are always going to be bumps in the road because that’s the
    way it is with EVERYONE. You can’t go from zero to hero without some
    stumbles. Love watching these makeovers 🙂

  9. Their bromance. awwwww

  10. Cassandra Patrickson

    Aw, what a humble guy and what a great inspiration. I love these kinds of
    people. So genuine.

  11. His Burgers look Awesome!!! An all around inspiration

  12. I cried. This inspired me to lose weight.

  13. Really inspirational video – thank you

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  15. the father and son before the wedding. Make me so emotional, it’s so great
    to see family members show their love and appreciation! Love my mom and

  16. My first time crying over a weight loss program…. They both are cool !!!!

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  20. Alex expression and laugh reminds me of Josh “DRAKE AND JOSH” 🙂 :)


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  23. This episode really touched my heart. Best of luck to him.

  24. Darn you Chris Powell. You’ve made me cry again. So moving. Overcoming
    difficulties.. It’s easier said then done. I’m so proud of this kid. He
    loved his Mother the way I loved my Mother. I wish I could have
    accomplished my weight loss in the time that my Mother was here.. But, like
    he said, She’s with him every step of the way. I truly believe it
    for myself as well. Good luck and never quit Alex. A great life is ahead
    of you now. Enjoy it. 

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