1. Beáta Litnerová

    Chris Powell is a unique person. He understood the problems with which
    people live. If I had him at home, I’ll be in seven heaven. I’m with you!!

    Chris Powell – The Workout (2011) – Level 1

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  16. its only embarrassing if you let it be embarrassing my dear beautiful
    Rachel! She is very pretty but you can tell she doesn’t think she is
    beautiful just because she is big. 

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  23. There are about 150 million adults in the US alone who are ‘considered’
    overweight or obese. Out of 300 million total. The GPs, the
    health/diet/weight loss industry all want everyone to be ‘average’, and to
    make billions getting people to ‘average’. But ‘average’ now is
    ‘fat/overweight/obese’. That IS the new ”average’. It is becoming a global
    ‘average’. Size zero is a ‘manufactured obsession’. Just for the
    fashion/entertainment industry. Its about time we awoke to the fact that
    ‘becoming healthy’ is different for everyone, and is not just some
    statistical constant. We are all built differently. If fat is now more ‘the
    average’ so be it.

  24. some told about fl weight loss club. has anyone else heard of it ? thanks

  25. im sorry its kind of true. Her face is gorgeous but that body….

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