1. criss <3

  2. She’s got such a sweet smile!

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  4. Chris is so hot!!!

  5. Amazing weight loss I really excited to watching new season by chriss powell

  6. Not too fast loading…what

  7. ohhh i didnt know it.. i am greek id like to meet her :/


    chris is very handsome and she is a beauty…

  9. in the intro when the guy says “this right here is the shirt i used to
    wear”…..where can I find his episode? or what is his name? Thanks!

  10. What kind of dumbass that is over 300LBS using makeup while going to work
    out?(Sorry but it’s really retarded for me to see seach thing).

  11. I love you chris

  12. She is stunning!! Strong, intelligent and… what a beautiful face!!!


  14. Someone that’s followed by a camera.

  15. Well, How come they wanna look pretty with tons of makeup then cry all of
    it? XD

  16. I’m very fire yohhoooo

  17. Omg Chris’s face at 10.15 showed how motivated she is.

  18. nice

  19. she is pretty but looks so much older( like 30

  20. she is super fricken stunning!!!!!! what an inspiration!!!!

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