1. haha! your dumb

  2. What the fuck happened in 1984???

  3. 1984 refers to famous George Orwell´s novel.

  4. Dear Nathan: go to Wikipedia and search: George Orwell 1984

  5. Best part of it is that it is Kosher and part of the proceedings help my

  6. M1k4e: That´s one activity you will soon be unable to perform if you stay
    in the West Coast.

  7. 1984 is novel by George Orwell 1776 was the year the Order of The
    Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt.

  8. u is dead fool

  9. Check out this video on YouTube: Iodine defeciency. 

  10. 1776 is when the USA became independent.

  11. I use Celtic sea salt, very beneficial, 82+minerals and nutrients including
    YES iodine a NECESSARY and IMPORTANT NUTRIENT… AND the clay found in the
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  12. Well… That goes without saying… However, it just happens to be the year
    Weishaupt made official The Order (as per his Masters´ request)… It also
    happened on May 1st, the year Communists celebrate (including our Great
    Leader and Nobel Laureate).

  13. Check Haaretz article on The Backpack Army for Internet.

  14. Great report, going to stock up. Thanks Dr. Group and LeeAnn!

  15. this is important for women with thyroid problems which is something a lot
    of women suffer with

  16. Thank you! You’re the only one who’s comment is helpful.

  17. I bought one bottle a month ago and never got it.

  18. I’ve heard snake oil good for the Thyroid.

  19. My wife cured her hyperthyroidism with iodoral iodine and was able to throw
    away that lifetime prescription of toxic drugs the drs prescribed for her.
    This is one thing Alex is getting right.

  20. Deathrape2001 Is a trollin piece of shit that doesn’t know a Damn thing
    about the shit he’s spewing.

  21. And a little research into your product has led me to see that your nascent
    iodine will take 36 drops a day to equal that of 1 of my Iodoral pills.
    Even at that, the recommended intake of iodine for woman with breast cancer
    or concerns about breast health is upwards to 4-8 Iodorals per day. What’s
    36 drops multiplied by 8? EPIC FAIL ALEX JONES!

  22. If you want to support a pagan/heathen holiday such as 12/25 then shop
    until you drop if not then drop your shop. Why go into debt. Going into
    debt is NOT God`s will but the desire of the banksters. Save your money you
    will need it for what is coming. Even better get Saved & deliver your self
    from THE WRATH TO COME { Romans 10:9 & 10 } { 1 John 5:1 } Maranatha

  23. This Dr. is such a HACK.

  24. This guy looks and sounds high as _ _ c_

  25. In my life I have never seen any one with thyroid problems. 

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