1. Me and my dog love to walk together – and she’s a crazy runner when she’s
    released in a safe area. 🙂

  2. My yorkie dies have way when I walk her

  3. So glad you mentioned your podcast, I’m a huge fan of the genre. I’m going
    to download it ASAP. I love your videos thank you so much!

  4. What is the name of your podcast?

  5. Wow at the Dachshund thing.I have one and if I’m walking with her she will
    try to pull me! Only on the walk though and she’s faster than me at a run.

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  7. Purely positive doesnt work. The theory is that you reinforce the dog to do
    GOOD things. When they act up, you WITHHOLD the prize. What happens with
    most dog owners, is they eventually stop with the constant positive
    reinforcement. Every time they DON’T use the positive reinforcement, the
    dog sees it as a punishment because he is used to getting the prize when he
    does right. Soon, the dog is confused and all the leanred behaviors
    evaporate. And then a REAL trainer has to pick up the pieces.

  8. Exactly! We need more dog owners that think like you with common sense.

  9. TheCycloneRanger

    I really want to train a dog to carry a chicken egg in its mouth without it

  10. Yes and no. Generally with positive, you only reward your dog for doing
    something hard – once it’s used to a behaviour, you phase out the prize (be
    it praise or food). You get in trouble if you prize is ALWAYS food – after
    all, getting telling your dog “good boy” is easy positive reinforcement you
    can make a habit of. Also, witholding isn’t usually just doing nothing /
    acting normally, it’s making a point in dog language – crossed arms, turned
    back, yelp, walk away, etc.

  11. 2:43 It’s Mojo !!

  12. OMG! I’m going to change my way of walking my poor puppies. I don’t like
    them sniffing and will always pull them off from sniffing and even
    reprimand them too. I thought by just walking them would be enough. How
    wrong was I! I’m so glad I saw this video clip. Thanks so much Vicky for
    showing me the right way to walk my doggies!

  13. Victoria is so great! I think her attitude towards dogs and her training
    methods are fantastic, I can say from experience that they definitely work!
    She has changed the lives of so many dogs (and owners) for the better! 🙂

  14. 0 dislikes

  15. Ignorant, ignorant, ignorant. You are so uneducated, even with the
    information right in front of you, you don’t get it. YOU are the one who
    needs to go to a real trainer. But I’m not sure that anyone, even a real
    trainer, even a good trainer, can train you.

  16. thx alot….

  17. Whether we viewers are a Cesar supporter (me!) or Victoria supporter, we
    have one thing we absolutely agree upon = your statement is pure bullshit.
    You need to come out of your basement and experience the real world.

  18. I clicked on your favorite videos. All you ever do is watch CARTOONS, and
    KID SHOWS, you don’t know shit, you immature, middle aged man-boy faggot.

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