Exercising During Pregnancy – Tips For Effective Pregnancy Exercise

Belly of a woman in her 34th week of pregnancy.

Belly of a woman in her 34th week of pregnancy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago it was thought that women who were pregnant should sit down and wait to give birth. Resting and relaxing seemed to be the priority of the day. This is not a helpful point of view for Moms everywhere. You need to be active during your pregnancy, for the sake of your baby and your own health.

Benefits of Exercise For Pregnant Women

Exercise will help you give birth more quickly. Studies have shown that regular exercise throughout pregnancy can reduce labor time by one third. That alone is reason enough to exercise, I can assure you. Exercise will give you strength and help you with your energy levels throughout your labor.

Exercise is great for your baby too. Studies show that exercising every day produces a stronger and healthier baby.  Perhaps this is because of the extra oxygen the baby is receiving while you exercise.

Rules To Follow When Exercising During Pregnancy

First and foremost, check with your doctor or OBGYN that the exercise routine is not too strenuous. You must be able to exercise without doing any harm to you or your baby.

You need to exercise in moderation, there is no point in exercising to the point of exhaustion. Strenuous exercises and spending hours at the gym exercising will be too much for you and your baby. It is better to do exercises that you find fun. If you enjoy them you are much more likely to stick to the routine. Gardening, swimming, walking are all good exercise and will help you keep fit.

If you feel tired or worn out, or dizzy at any point, it is your body telling you to take a break. Listen to your body and take a break. It is as well to plan on exercising for thirty minutes at a time, and take things slowly until you build up your stamina.

At times during pregnancy you will get very tired; just take little naps during the day if you can. But even on those days, just try to go out for a brief walk if you can. You will find that every bit helps.

Avoid very high temperatures, humidity and high altitudes when you are exercising when pregnant. All these things are not good for you when you are pregnant. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is always advisable when you are expecting a baby.

In your last trimester it is important to avoid bouncing, jumping or running. If you are an experienced runner, speak to your doctor about running in your third trimester. There have been cases of women running marathons before going into labor but is because the women are used to extreme exercising as part of their lifestyle.

Keep in mind that your first priority is the safety of yourself and your baby. Let your doctor and your partner know of any difficulties you are having, because they will be able to help you adapt. Exercising will help you recover your figure after your baby is born, you will be able to continue with your exercise regimen. Keep yourself healthy to be the best Mom you can be.

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