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I’ve found that when combining these poses with other body-weight exercises like Hindu Squats and Push-ups, regular push-ups, reverse push-ups, pull ups and aerobic exercises, you really may not (re-phrase will not) need a gym or cumbersome equipment to get a total body workout. Future articles will outline specific exercises one can implement within this workout split. In order to get a really great workout without weights, consider combining both body weight exercises with resistance band exercises.

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Performing a bodyweight workout comprised of bodyweight exercises and calisthenics exercises can produce an environment for your body that makes it want to get rid of unwanted fat. Most people spend their workout time only performing continuous training exercises. Easy, medium and an advanced workout will let you slowly graduate in your extension exercises, but if you’re a little more fit and need more, just adjust it.

If this is the reason that you are researching abs exercises, then there are a few things that you
should know before you go off looking for a new abs workout routine. Below is a list of recommended exercises you can choose from for each body part:

Leg muscle workout – squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg curl, calf raise, stiff legged dead lifts

Chest/Pecs/Pectoral muscle workout — bench press, incline press, dumbbell fly, push-ups, Back muscle workout — dead-lifts, chin ups, pull-ups, seated row, barbell rows, pullovers

Shoulders/Deltoids/Delts muscle workout — military press, lateral raise, front raise, shrugs Biceps muscle workout — hammer curl, dumbbell curl, barbell curl, concentration curl Triceps muscle workout — triceps kickbacks, diamond pushups, press-downs, dips, triceps extensions

Abs/Abdominal muscle workout — bicycle crunch, basic crunch, reverse crunch, knee-ups, the plank, hanging leg raise CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE – Commonly called cardio workout .

The upper body portion of this complete body sculpting routine should include the following exercises: Pushups, Bench presses, Bicep curls, Tricep dips or lifts, Shoulder presses (military style), Shoulder lifts, Crunches – traditional, lower, and side. There are other exercises that you can include as well, but to start, this upper body workout is hitting all the major muscles groups.

This weight lifting routine is usually called the 3 x 3 workout and the simple reasoning for that is that you perform three exercises in a row, three times without stopping.

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