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I am 24 years old, 6 foot 4 inches tall, and weigh 265, and need to drop some weight and gain some mussel. I have worked in front of a computer for quite a few years, and am seriously out of shape. I just bought a set of hand weights that can adjust from 5lbs to 25lbs each. I also have a place I can walk or run. I need some exercises that I can do with what I have. I am going to do my best to drop to 200lbs, and increase my strength. I am not looking to be like Arnold, I just want to get where I can play some sports, and get active. If you know of any exercises, please tell me them, and how many times to do them. Also if you have lost a lot of weight, tell me about it to help my motivation.

Check up these Workout Exercises : Weight Training, Plyometrics , Stretches

(Flexibility), Pilates, Ball, Cardio Dumbbells, Cables etc. 100's Of

Exercises. They have animated photos, so it's easy to understand how

to do them.


they have them listed by equipment, and type, and what not at the left hand menu. You can pick what suits you best.

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