Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Starting an Exercise Program

The first step in starting any exercise program is to do a proper warm up that gets the muscles and joints loosened up and prevents injury.

Warm Up Exercises

Standing with legs just past the shoulder width raise arms up to the sky in a large circle motion while taking a deep breath and then returning the arms to the sides. Repeat 3 times.

Reach the right arm up to the sky across the left side of the body and feel a gentle stretch in the legs, waist and back. Repeat with the left arm reaching across the right side of the body and continue to switch sides until 10 reaches are done. Remember to take deep breaths in and out while stretching.

Bend at waistline to touch toes using the right hand to touch the left toes and then again with the left hand touching the right toes. Repeat toe touches 10 times while taking deep breaths in and out.

While standing, hold hands at waistline and twist the body so that the right elbow comes to the front of the body and then the left elbow comes to the front of the body. Twist back and forth 10 times while deep breathing.

Jog in place as a form of aerobic exercise that helps to burn fat and calories. Start with a minute and slowly build up more time each day.

Sit on the floor and place legs outstretched in front of the body. Reach for the toes and hold for a count of 10. If unable to touch toes, reach for the ankles or shin area and hold while deep breathing in and out.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Once you are warmed up, begin an exercise program to help firm the stomach muscles and lose belly fat.

Lie flat on the back in front of a chair. Lift the legs onto the chair until the knees are comfortably positioned.

Place the hands behind the back and lift the upper body to the knees. Breathe deeply while holding the abdominal muscles in tightly. Repeat these lifts at least 10 times, rest a moment and repeat again. Do 5 sets of these or at least as many as you possibly can to help tighten the abdominal muscles, get a flat stomach and to lose belly fat.

Staying in this same position on the back with hands behind the head, lift upper body while moving the right elbow towards the left knee and then switch sides moving the left elbow towards the right knee. Continue at least 10 times while holding the abdominal muscles in and deep breathing. Rest a moment and continue these belly exercises for several more sets or as many as you can as you are starting. With continued practice, you will be able to do more each time as you get stronger abdominal and back muscles.

Continuing in this same position with hands behind the neck, lift the right knee towards the chest area and then return to the chair. Lift the left knee towards the chest area and then back down on the chair. Repeat lifting the knees to the chest one leg at a time for a count of 10 while taking deep breaths in and out. Rest a moment and then do two more sets while always holding in the abdominal muscles and keeping the back flat on the floor.

Place hands under the buttocks and lift the buttocks up slightly with the hands. Raise the legs so that the knees come to the chest area as if you are riding a bicycle by using one leg and knee at a time. Hold the abdominal muscles in firmly while taking deep breaths as you continue to bicycle exercise.

As you become stronger, exercise with a treadmill or other exercise machine to burn more calories faster and lose belly fat. Find great deals on treadmills or other exercise equipment online that allows you to comparison shop, find free shipping and even additional free products with a certain amount purchased and will ship direct to your doorstep.

All of these exercises can be performed in front of the television and you can get the whole family involved to exercise with you. This increases motivation when you have a buddy to workout with and will help to force you to keep going so that you will see the results you are working towards.

Ending Exercises to lose belly fat:

Finish this daily exercise routine with the same warm up as when you started. This will help to cool the body down and prevent injury to the muscles and prevents pain from exercising.

Deep breathing as part of your exercise program will help to increase the circulation to the muscles and organs as well as to reduce stress and anxiety. Take time throughout the day several times to do deep breathing exercises that helps your body and also reminds you that you are practicing ways to lose belly fat and improve your fitness level.

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and always before and after you exercise to replenish lost fluids and keep the body hydrated while working out.

Join a gym with a friend if you need additional motivation to continue on an exercise program to lose belly fat, improve fitness and overall health and wellness. If you need more motivation, buy a piece of gym equipment such as hula hoop, small weights or mini trampoline at amazon.com or many online stores that offer great deals and discounts to help you get started to exercise to reduce belly fat.

It is possible to lose belly fat by doing daily exercises that will help to firm and tighten the abdominal muscles. Remember to also reduce calories while trying to lose weight by eating a well balanced nutritional diet of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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