1. this was helpful tbf,

  2. Thats so funny, I was working out when you uploaded this. Weird how stuff
    happens like that, hm?

  3. omg you are hot

  4. U should be a model *,*

  5. 6ft?! :O im only 5ft 4 ;(

  6. im like 5,9 or 5 10 being talls awesome!

  7. YAY finally someone to is the same height as me! sdfghjkl;

  8. I really love your accent 🙂

  9. Where did you get that top from?? I really love it! Want one xoxo

  10. Please tell me where i could get those pants from!!!!

  11. I want your body especially your boobs!! :O my goal is to have a body like
    you, from now on!! Thanks 🙂

  12. How do you tone your breasts?? Any suggestions??

  13. 184.15 cm actually. hahah

  14. Can you please watch The Kose Show.

  15. the song is now on my channel!

  16. I do cheer like you and I have to run before practice starts to get warmed
    up. Also we have intense conditioning. Our coach wants us to have “cheetahs
    abs” (lol) so they want us to work harder on loosing body fat and getting
    toned! (:

  17. I’m 5’2 , I thought that this was a great video ! & I loved the song ! Xoxo

  18. Cool video! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Woo!

  19. im going to france in june, i’m gonna just eat salad for a month and hope
    it works, i use this routine everyday now and you can really tell the
    difference! THANK YOU!!!

  20. Sarha i wouldn’t eat salad for a month because you’ll look like a balloon
    ,lettuce provocates gas so if you want to eat salad It’s better making a
    raw spinich salad or anything else 🙂

  21. Well I do every now and then! Just not everyday, if I want it i’ll have it

  22. im 5 . 4 and 14 years old

  23. When you plank suck in your tummy in other words push your belly button up
    to your spine and it will burn more fat

  24. You have the prettiest hair!!!

  25. where did you get your sports bra from?

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