Exercise One Time Per Week For Extra Muscles

by Sylvia Fredericks
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

All of us experienced the same things if we work out regularly. There comes a time whenever we enjoy going to the gym so much that we really want to be there every day working out. The unfortunate part about this is that if we are not giving our body a break, we are not really allowing it to grow and to get larger.

You might think that it is enough simply to rest during the night but what you might not realize is that your body actually need several days in between each workout in order to truly rest and rejuvenate.

There is a movement now that actually restricts the amount of exercise that a person does to just one or two times per week. This type of exercise has been shown to promote massive growth in an individual and to build their strength very quickly.

Although it may seem a little bit out of the ordinary for you, there’s no doubt that works well and if you do it consistently, it can really work for you too. Here is the basics of how it is done.

Whenever you go into the gym to work out, you’re going to do a full body workout instead of just working out one or two muscle groups. You will do this by doing anywhere from six to eight multi-joint exercises, such as the squat and bench press.

The idea will be to work out multiple muscle groups at a single time so that you will be getting more for your efforts.

Each different exercise will be completed anywhere from eight to 10 times, with a maximum of 12 repetitions. You will work on the positive as well as negative and each movement will take anywhere from four to five seconds to complete.

It is important for you to work to absolute failure so that whenever you complete the exercise, it would have been impossible for you to move the weight any longer or further.

The other part of this exercise is rest. Since you will be taxing your muscles to their limits, you will need to rest anywhere from five to seven days before you go back into the gym.

The benefit of doing this is that you will be fully recovered, your muscles will have grown and you will be ready to tear them down again for another period of growth.

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Updated: December 16, 2013 — 2:23 am

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