Exercise DVD, "Finally! Quick and Easy Fat Burning Exercises for Back Pain Sufferers" is providing relief to patients at Haque Chiropractic and Lifestyle Fitness

Livermore, California (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Dr. Anita Haque's and Don Parker's release of “Finally! Quick and Easy Fat Burning Exercises for Back Pain Sufferers” is now available to purchase online at http://www.safeexerciseforweightloss.com. These 3 exercise routines were created by Dr. Anita Haque, a Chiropractor and certified Personal Trainer along with her husband, Don Parker, certified Personal Trainer to help people who have back pain and weight gain issues.

“So many of my patients have purchased this DVD and are excited about the routines! We wanted to make sure that the exercises we put together helped our patients and clients to safely strengthen and rehabilitate their backs, improve flexibility, tone their entire body, be low impact and easy to do, prevent further injuries and burn fat.” Says, Dr. Anita Haque.

“I think what we’re seeing here is that my patients are drawn to the benefit of exercising in 30 minutes or less in the comfort of their own home as well.”

“Unlike the masses of exercise DVDs with the hype of getting a six pack with dangerous routines for the person who has a delicate back, this exercise DVD is to help those specifically with back injuries and chronic stiffness not only lose weight and get into shape, but to help strengthen their backs and may also safely ease their discomfort too. Don and I knew that when we developed these exercises they had to be rehabilitative in nature along with fat burning.” Said Dr. Anita Haque.

With this exercise DVD, the person who has back pain and weight to lose will now be able to:

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