1. I find these videos very inspiring!!

  2. sweetandsourapple

    these videos only tell me what i already know and yet i love them 😀

  3. thanks for the video!! 🙂

  4. Then consider A Little Bit Better the coolest reminder!

  5. SImple tips that everyone knows but nobody actually executes. A good
    reminder, I’ll definitely try to find these 15 minutes everywhere in my
    day. ^^

  6. Thnx…

  7. Thanks!!!!

  8. this info abt. exercise in little bits has inspired me choose a varity of
    video’s walking,yoga,cardo,weights,dance,tai chi,chi gong,streach ect.(so
    much 2 choose on line & outdoors) through out the day…..the less i’m told
    2 do the more i wish 2 do w/ less pressure the more creative i enjoy
    being,i feel great & this kind of advise here has me getting healthier
    every day thank you so much 4 adjusting my/our mindset……. = )

  9. can not agree more

  10. I needed this today. Thank you.

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