1. Thanks @EdenMay x

  2. If you don’t have any pictures I’m always wary to accept in case it’s a
    fake account but if that’s not the case I’m not sure why! Try again

  3. This is so helpful, thank you so much!x

  4. how do you motivate yourself to do exercise?

  5. rainbowlulabelle

    you’re bloody perfect maddie xxxxx

  6. Thank you for this video!

  7. such a helpful video! where can i find that 30 day squat challenge? xxx

  8. MAC vegas volt x

  9. this video is definitely better then the rest of your videos, your
    personify is really nice here x

  10. oh okay, thanks haha xx

  11. no i dont sorry, the exercises are: 1) 10 toe touches (standing) 2) 20
    lunges (10 on each leg) 3) 30 squats 4) 40 jumping jacks 5) 50 second toe
    touch (sitting) 6) 60 second wall sit Repeat EVERYDAY!

  12. I loved your video.

  13. I love this! And your channel! Your videos are amazing! Xox

  14. Can you do a piercing video please and say how much they cost?

  15. this video helped so much, thank youuu!

  16. Please do a piercing video!

  17. Your dog is gorgeous 🙂

  18. What web site do u use for the 30 day squat challenge and ty this help a
    lot xoxox

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  20. Samantha GrievesBeauty

    what does the squat challenge do ?!

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  22. Please do another video showing a few more low calorie treats if you can
    🙂 xxx

  23. You honestly give off this great vibe, you seem so genuine. much respect !

  24. Your dog is so cute, aww omg

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