1. Great video Megan!! Exactly what I needed to hear today.

  2. Liking you, Megan!

  3. Thanks for sharing this video Megan! My husband and I had an experience
    recently where we loaned a friend a few thousand dollars only to find out
    that we will not be getting that back ever because that person has been
    sick and hospitalized and is in a lot of debt. At first we were mad for
    being taken advantage of but after thinking about it we realized that we
    should be grateful and appreciative that we have the one thing that makes
    us who we are…OUR HEALTH!!! I’ve learned that being able to take care of
    our bodies by living a peaceful life, eating the best plant foods and
    trying to keep hatred out of our hearts is the best way to live. Health is
    Wealth :-)

  4. 2:13 Magical rainbow!

  5. Beautiful…

  6. I’ve been listening to When Things Fall Apart by Pema lately. It’s
    amazingggg! It’s helped me so much. Also I’m becoming more conscious of the
    stories I tell myself and my limiting beliefs. Great video Megan!

  7. These are great reminders. It happens to all of us at one point and we
    forget to stay focused on the things that matter the most. Thank u for
    sharing! U look beautiful!!

  8. Megan you look great…Your cheeks look rounder and you look more
    mature…waaaaaaaaay better. 

  9. The car story is coming from a passive mentality, “turning the other
    cheek”, which, unless you have no material possessions and live in a cave,
    will only make you have emotional tensions, even if you lead yourself to
    believe that it somehow relieves you. At any rate, because of people like
    you, there will always be people like that car salesman, so having gone
    through that suing process would not only make you truly relieved, but save
    others the same pain. Some people just need a slap in the face to wake up
    and realize there are things called morals and ethics. And you, Megan, need
    to get real, drop the law of attraction BS and take responsibility.

  10. Much more energy wasted in anger than in love. It’s so hard to keep anger
    in my mind, so I let it go so much quicker than most people. I just can’t
    keep the toxins in! Talking about it helps! I think a good thing to
    consider is that you have to accept that bad things happen and they happen
    for a reason. Also, if you keep up the idea that they are going to happen
    anyway, and let them pass like a wave or a storm, then you really feel much

  11. The reason why I LOVE you so much… HERE. <3 What resonated with me most
    is when you talked about control: what we can and cannot change. Sometimes,
    what is most powerful is coming to terms with it ourselves. Inner change
    sparks greater change. LOVE YOU!!!!

  12. Thanks Megan. You are one of the reasons the internet is so wonderful.

  13. That is a very interesting video: Jesus said don’t let the sun go down on
    your anger and forgive others, because you have been forgiven.

  14. Assumptions are the main cause of most insecurities and arguments… I had
    to learn to let go of making assumptions

  15. you’re awesome Megan

  16. You would like the book mind over medicine !

  17. Awesome video as always megan! i think this one is super valuable for
    sure! I have almost been 100% raw for a full year now (jan 1 yippee!! :D)
    and one of the biggest blessings that has come along with it is that within
    the past 2 months i have been working a lot on my emotions/self-love. the
    fact that i have taken a big dive into finding out things about myself and
    why i may have certain thoughts/emotions towards situations has been
    amazing. I have for the first time in my life been showing myself love,
    and it is spreading outwards and it feels amazing. Not reacting negatively
    to situations that you don’t actually have control over is such a good tip
    for people who dont already have that little spark of knowledge! I will be
    looking into those books 😀 I highly suggest the book “The Four Agreements”
    by Don Miguel Ruiz, it has been blowing my mind! Miss and love ya, you tan
    beauty! <3 :)

  18. Great topic! A lot of people are too busy to realize that anger can only
    make things worse. It’s good to be reminded every once in a while. I
    recently heard someone say that a good situation is not what makes people
    happier, but happiness in people’s mind is what makes situations better. I
    wanna believe it to be true and wanna keep trying to have happy mind.

  19. Stick to recipes…

  20. Megan, question about sunshine. I moved to Minsk, Belarus. It is winter
    here now, weather is similar to Maine. There is not a lot of sun during
    winter. Is it healthy to go tanning at the salon, using tanning lamps.
    From the research that I have done on skin cancer, it is not the
    ultraviolet that causes it, but the food that people eat (meat and dairy)
    and than body detoxes on the beach, burned toxins are the reason for
    cancer. I know sun is not the issue in Arizona, but may be you have
    friends, who live up north. I have been raw vegan for over 1,5 year and I
    very clean (i do sauna twice a week, hot yoga and weights).

  21. Very buddhist! Letting go is the hardest lesson, but the kindest feeling!

  22. Glad you got over your sense of being entitled. If only the rest of the
    world could. ;)

  23. Glad to see a vid from the raw community that is not about the recent
    drama, great message. Why are your vids so far apart?

  24. God made man in his image, Sam Colt made them equal..!! LOL!!

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