1. “What are you smoking??” Lol. i love you Ellen!!


  3. ellen looks so pimp in her outfit 😀 ….

  4. she is vegan

  5. i love kym shes so cute ellen is amazing as usual

  6. i love Kym’s reaction when Ellen said “well, because you dont eat it
    because its gross…”

  7. thats funny, i dont like prunes too

  8. isnt ellen a vegetarian?

  9. haha wht r u smoking

  10. CelineDionFan4life

    she became vegan october 2008 🙂 this was before then 🙂

  11. Ellen is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  12. “I wonder what fish would be like in a dishwasher.” LOL, I can’t believe
    they aired that on daytime tv xDD

  13. if you but a bottle of vodka with skittles in it in the dishwasher for a
    few cycles you get skittle flavoured skittles

  14. This video is old, she and portia r vegan since october 2008

  15. omg just hiliarous

  16. what is TEDS??? i see it everywhere and i have no idea what it is

  17. @winkiiV thats what i was gonna ask o.o i guess she became a vegan when she
    met portia

  18. people aren’t just born vegans (unless their parents were…) but yes, even
    vegans have eaten meat a few times in their lives.

  19. Kym so funny when sh said Ellen u are a brat bahahahahahahahahaha

  20. @ellenaor She wasn’t when this was aired.

  21. Cause you don’t eat it. Its gross! hahaha

  22. OMG !! Ellen ate meat O_o That seems so weird to me now hahah

  23. @clod mansouri this was actually before she was vegan

  24. probably wasnt at the time

  25. TEDS stands for the ellen degeneres show ;)

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