Effective Weight Loss Exercises to Lose Extra Pounds

A person who wishes to live a longer life will have to give utmost importance to the weight loss exercises. Obesity has become the common word everywhere around the globe. The exercises are an integral part of the everyday routine to keep you fit and healthy. Consistency is the key point to remember while you take steps to shed the extra pounds. It is highly recommended to follow a strict regime of exercises which will give positive results. A regular schedule will help to increase the rate of metabolism aiding in the process to lose weight.


Exercising should be carried out at least 5 to 6 times per week and each session extending about one hour. Here are some of the most effective exercises which will assist you in losing the extra pounds.

Walking is the best exercise and the most simplest of all. An ideal session would be to walk 40 minutes per day which will improve the rate of metabolism and thus helps in burning the calories. This will reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and other blood pressure diseases.

Swimming is such a fun filled and enjoyable exercise. It is recommended to concentrate on few strokes and have an half an hour session for about 3 days a week.

Running or jogging is another exercise which will keep you fit and helps in burning more calories. It produces enorphins and other brain chemicals which will boost the confidence and a sensation of feeling happy.

For people those who do not know swimming, water aerobics are a good form of exercise which will burn out more calories.

Aerobic exercises will help in strengthening the body muscles along with the heart and lungs muscles. It has a regular follow up of warming up activities, exercises and then a cool down period where the muscles get back to the normal position after the work out. Some of them can include

  • Staircase climbing
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Aerobic dancing
  • Skiing
  • Fitness training

It is highly important to maintain a regular schedule for all these activities. It is good to set mini goals and the time period to achieve them. It will help you to stick to your regime to achieve the goals. The diary might have columns which will present the data, activities done and the time period of each session. By this way, one can track the progress in his fitness. It is also recommended to stick to a diet plan which will assist you in losing the extra weight.

For people those who wish to stay in shape and health, exercises are an integral part and nothing can be achieved with their absence. The beginners must start their activities in a slower pace and then gradually increase it. People those who cannot afford to the gym activities, it is better to have a walking session of 45 minutes each day to yield the best results.

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