1. please add captioning to this great video

  2. Education matters to health. Now more than ever. And yet we see the quality
    of our public education, and our ability to access quality education
    reduced all the time. So not only will we be less educated, less
    employable, but we will also be less healthy.

    Education matters.

  3. Regional Health Literacy Coalition

    #healthliteracy can be as simple as asking your doctor a few questions.
    But it can also be much more than that. #education #community and many
    more thing can have a big impact on how you feel.

  4. Higher Ground Education Initiative

    ▶ Education: It Matters More to Health Than Ever Before – YouTube

  5. Read A Book and Live Longer
    Visit my blog: http://www.teethsense.blogspot.com
    Education: It Matters More to Health Than Ever Before

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