Eating Healthy When Eating at Restaurants

Eating out at restaurants can be a pleasant change from eating at home from time to time. When traveling, you may find that grabbing a bite somewhere is not an option but a necessity. The challenge to doing this comes in attempting to eat healthy when you are chowing down at a food establishment.


With education and preparation, it is possible to make nutritious choices when you are on the road and far from your own kitchen. Whether you want to splurge on food that you generally do not prepare at home, or you just want something simple and fast, you need to use common sense when you drop by an eatery for a meal.

Eating healthy on a regular basis may seem like common sense to most people, but many of us toss this out the window when we start looking at a menu. You know you should be sensible and make healthy choices but that does not automatically mean that you abide by this. It helps to be reminded to keep on the healthy path in terms of your eating habits.

Many restaurants serve large portions to their patrons. It can be difficult to know how much food you will be served when you order and to leave your willpower in control of how much you will consume. To prevent yourself from overindulging in the tasty food on your plate, ask for a half portion. Another option that works equally as well is to order an appetizer for your meal as opposed to an entree.

What you are ordering may be healthy but if it is smothered in dressing or some type of sauce, this can amp up the calories, sodium, and fat content. To keep your fare as light and as healthy as possible when you are eating out at restaurants, ask for all dips, dressings, and sauces to be on the side. This will make it easier for you to know exactly how much you are using so you will not overdo it.

If you decide to order an entree, you will likely be offered a side to accompany it. Beware of the sides because most of them are the unhealthiest part of the meal and many of them are fried or covered in cheese. Select your side carefully, keeping your good health in mind. A side salad or mixed veggies make wise nutritious choices.

Keep in mind that not all healthy food at restaurants is actually healthy. Read the menu carefully to make sure you are ordering something that is truly a smart choice for your health. For example, sushi is a healthy option but at some establishments, it is stuffed with mayonnaise or fried fish that will render it anything but nutritious. Take the time to be smart and know what you are ordering before you order it.

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