1. maybe the asian market will start letting you boon dock at his place
    ..Maybe you could be the night security

  2. haha, funny enough I actually have asked around.. seems not too many people
    wanted security on their lot for some reason. Maybe once I get to know
    people better, I think many would be skeptical at first about letting
    someone they don’t know stay there.

  3. great video ..hope you can eat all that before it rots

  4. How long will a shopping trip like this last, as far as not having a
    fridge? Great videos series, man.

  5. Dude I used to have a repair shop where I couldn’t always get all the cars
    in at closing time and I would have loved to have a guy like you camping on
    my lot at night I used to get cars broken into ..I couldn’t afford a
    security gaurd..what a small price to pay for a watchman a parking space
    would be a pretty cheep gaurd

  6. Thanks, in the summer it is quite hard without the fridge. With the
    moderate winter climates in the Pacific North West I can buy 2-300 lbs of
    fruit which would last me 3-4 weeks and be ok. In the summer however, a
    trip like I just made is about the max I could take it before I would start
    having food go bad. This would last me 1.5-2 weeks (bananas included). The
    dates I have here will last me probably 2 months, I only eat them with

  7. My only concern would be all those vegis and fruits going bad. I love
    tomatoes, but would get sick of them after a while if I ate them every
    meal. But it seems to work great for you!

  8. Nothing wrong with canned foods, they just add some salt. In most cases,
    canned goods, are better then what comes out of fridge. Goods are canned
    within 24 hrs, in most cases.

  9. Yeah, might be. But, they are fresh. Fresher then what most people eat out
    of their own fridge. Not all of the fresh stuff you buy is that bio. You
    buy, above all, the idea. I avoid prepared meals and the likes, but do eat
    a lot of canned goods and dried stuff, above all nuts.

  10. That’s good! When I first started living in a van a year ago, I was living
    off of canned food (campbells soup). I got very sick, not to mention sick
    of it. haha. Ate a lot of fresh cheese and good quality meats, my health
    was crap.. I just have a different philosophy on what I eat now I guess.
    It’s all about doing your best! Many people don’t even buy conventional
    produce. One day I will grow all my own food, that’s the best.

  11. Keep the vids coming. I like your info and philosophy.

  12. That’s awesome! You’re giving me hope 🙂 Many people make it sound like you
    should expect to spend at least $10 a day on produce which was a big factor
    holding me back. But with these kinds of numbers I’m sure you’re spending
    less per day than many people eating the standard american diet!

  13. HomeIsWhere TheWestyIs

    I agree that canned foods are a viable option for this lifestyle, a lot of
    canned foods can be purchased in the no sugar added and low sodium variety
    with the only ingredients being the particular vegetable and water. Shelf
    life is extremely important when most people may not be able to store fresh
    foods at the ideal conditions, you invite a lot of other negative variables
    to the equation other then the extra sodium intake of a canned salmon
    compared to fresh.

  14. of course! any food is a viable option as long as it keeps you alive. My
    point was that fresh food is just as cheap (if not cheaper), and has better
    nutrition. What do you think has more nutritious value, a can of corn or an
    actual piece of corn? I live in Canada so I get the hot and cold weather,
    unless someone doesn’t want to make room for it, there are much better
    parts of the world to survive eating food this way, I consider myself to be
    in a place where it is pretty difficult..

  15. can foods are very bad

  16. This might sound really silly, but I always think those people are angels
    because like you said: “wonder how they even make any money.”

  17. yeah, we should support these local stores, otherwise if big companies like
    Loblaws dominates and the little stores close, then these big companies can
    set any price they want. they already have been doing it. I go to Loblaws
    and some stuff is triple the price in comparison to other stores.

  18. Yea… I agree 100%. It really takes away from the relationship you have
    with people too. You should have a relationship with every person you come
    in contact to in life… it makes things so much more meaningful I feel.
    With large corporations, it is largely impersonal and really just a burden
    I feel like going there sometimes. When you get the smaller shops and
    stores they get to know you and are happy to see you 🙂 I like it.

  19. hey what have you been up to miss you

  20. hey Karen, just school! Insanely busy lately… crazy. Long weekend this
    weekend though! Hoping to shoot a few video topics this weekend so I can
    get ahead of myself and keep the channel going 🙂

  21. What happened. Did you give up. We were all rooting for you.

  22. Safeway! Haha you know you live in western Canada when ;p

  23. grap organic.

  24. I really like your videos, and I really appreciate the explanation of the
    raw food diet and how to eat healthy. So many people lack the exercise they
    biologically are designed for, and go for extremely high concentrate foods
    that are convenient. It’s unfortunate, but keep up the good work.

  25. you are very inspiring to me. thank you for these informative videos

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