Eat Healthy Foods To Lose Weight & Feel Better!

by Harvey Bond
(Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia)

We come to think of food as something that it was not intended to be. Many of us use food as a source of comfort. We even refer to certain foods as comfort foods and most of those choices tend to be high calorie dishes.

We also use food as a means of social bonding. When you think about it few gatherings exist that do not include food or refreshments of some sort. We seem to have lost track of the fact that food is merely an energy source, a fuel for our bodies.

That is not to say that we cannot enjoy food, find comfort in it, and socialize while eating. But perhaps we need to consider our food choices a little more carefully. It really is possible to find foods that will provide all of that plus promote health and weight loss.

I know that probably sounds too good to be true but it is the truth. Let me start by saying that stress can have a negative impact on our weight. I will explain further by saying that when we are stressed many of us choose to eat our way to comfort and some of our food choices when we are under stress are less than desirable for proper weight maintenance.

There are actually some foods that will help combat stress; sunflower seeds, spinach and blueberries. So when you are feeling stressed or know that a particular situation is going to be stressful try having those foods as part of your diet.

Low energy leads to low activity levels, and of course that means we are not burning many calories. The good news is that there are foods that help to boost energy levels.

Try eating almonds (just a handful) or a couple of eggs. Almonds provide protein and healthy fat and eggs provide lean protein. One or two cups of coffee can also give you a quick boost of energy.

If you do not get enough sleep you are not likely to have the energy to be active during the day. Believe it or not there are foods that have been proven effective at helping with insomnia.

Try eating a serving of low-fat yogurt about two hours before bedtime. Bananas seem to work magically by turning on our internal clock.

Try eating a small banana each day and your body is more likely to sleep and wake up at the appropriate times each day.

Potatoes have been shown to have a sedative effect. It is recommended that you try eating half a potato about 3 to 4 hours before bedtime.

By putting these simple tips into practice you will be eating in a healthy way and contributing to weight loss.

Plus you will be eating some great foods. It does not get much better than that!!

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Updated: November 26, 2013 — 5:16 pm

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