Easy-to-Make Home Remedies for Beautiful Skin

by Rachel Saunders
(Colorado, USA)

Who doesn’t want to have smooth, supple, flawless skin? Both men and women would like to have clear skin but it seems as if women put more of an effort on it.

The good news is that as long as you have a regular skin care regimen which is suited for your skin type, you should be able to achieve this feat. Just remember that not everyone is blessed with naturally clear skin so there could be problem areas that you need to put a bit of effort in eliminating.

Home Skin Care Remedies

Instead of using over-the-counter products, there are actually solutions that you can make at home in order to achieve clear skin. Here is a quick list of some easy-to-make home remedies for beautiful skin, with ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen:

• Use lemon and salt to lighten dark areas of your skin. 

Whether you have a peaches-and-cream or olive complexion, there will be parts of your body with a darker color than the rest of your skin. This includes your underarms, groin, knees, elbow or buttocks.

To even out your complexion, use a lemon and salt solution. Simply extract the juice of one lemon and add a few pinches of salt to it. Apply on the affected area everyday for about two weeks. With regular application, you will see the darker skin in these areas even out to match the rest of your complexion.

• Use oatmeal as a facial mask to moisturize the skin. 

If you have dry skin, you can use oatmeal as a natural mask to moisturize it. Get some natural oatmeal and make sure that it’s not the instant-cook variety. Mix the oatmeal grains with some milk and apply the solution to your face.

Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse. If you think that the texture of the oatmeal will be too abrasive for your sensitive skin, simply soak a cotton ball in milk and let it stay on your face for about 20 minutes. You will be surprised at how soft and smooth your skin will become afterwards.

• Use egg whites to minimize the appearance of large pores. 

You might have seen ads on TV about products which claim to lessen the appearance of large pores. If this is as skin problem that you are dealing with, a natural solution would be to use egg whites as a facial mask.

Mix a couple of egg whites in a bowl – make sure to remove the yolk completely – and apply the mixture on cleansed skin. Let it sit for about half an hour and you will see how the blackheads, white heads, wrinkles, fine lines and pores will be minimized.

As you can see, there’s no need for you to spend a lot on expensive beauty products. By determining exactly what your skin problems are, you can look for an all-natural solution which you can whip right in your very own kitchen and use to have clearer, smoother, more younger-looking skin.

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Updated: February 4, 2016 — 1:08 am

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