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Three easy exercises to help relieve knee pain. Baby Boomers and Seniors often have knee pain that makes regular exercise difficult. These three exercises he…

regular exercise

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Updated: February 16, 2014 — 7:40 pm


  1. MrPatrickstarr23

    helped alot

  2. i get weak knees from jogging. i’ve noticed some improvement with these
    stretches. thank you.

  3. NIce video but I couldn’t hear you that much. Do you have a website by any

  4. PrimeofLifeFitness

    @Purpleland81. Sorry about the sound quality. Sometimes you can get better
    sound through a combination of the control on the video and your own
    computer speaker controls. You can also find this video and lots of other
    information on my website. Thanks!

  5. @ Karia269…gradually, I realized that by modifying my movement to avoid
    knee pain was actually damaging my knee joint even further as my muscles
    began to atrophy; I highly recommend you start getting physical therapy
    under the supervision of a trained/ certified physiotherapist; that’s
    what’s helped me the most with my condition and by grace of God, I feel
    much better now but still have a long way to go for full recovery (

  6. Hi, thank you for this video with its clear and precise instructions (I can
    hear fine btw). I have heard that we should exercise the same muscle groups
    only on alternate days. Would you therefore suggest doling these exercises
    on alternate days, rather than daily? Please let me know.

  7. how many times a week should i do this? i heard if doing it everyday you
    could even more injure your knees. is this true?

  8. PrimeofLifeFitness

    You should first check with your doctor to learn the source of your knee
    pain and get his or her advice. Since these exercises don’t involve added
    resistance, you should be free to do them daily without causing injury. The
    best advice is always to listen to your body. If it hurts, back off. Good

  9. PrimeofLifeFitness

    Without added resistance, you should be fine to do these exercises daily.
    Be sure to listen to your body, though. If the exercises leave you feeling
    sore or fatigued the following day, you might do better with a rest day in

  10. nice video aunty

  11. Thank you so much. Every tip helps to keep us safe and away from possible

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  16. Good Video. I have a video about another way of treating knee pain. Please
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    Simple Brian Grenda

  17. I’m not old I’m only 15 but I feel like my knee has aged

  18. I have got painful and squeeky knees as I stand 6/7 hrs at work out of 8,5
    and I ve been now doing this job for 1,5 years. Would this exercise help me
    getting rid of the pain as long as I carry on standing up at work ( I have
    no option for now as I cannot quite the work ) ? Please kindly advice.
    Thank you

  19. Hi, thank you for this video with its clear so Is this exercises help to
    Treat the outside knee cartilage ???

  20. im 14 and im a runner thats why im hereŃÇéjust saying

  21. g2tp

  22. (tranzlation)get 2 the point

  23. clearly explained and shown´╗┐

  24. i solved runners knee ur methods will do nothing to relieve the pressure
    that causes runners knee. it good for a warm up but no sutuon for the root

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