1. “The female body was designed by our creator to…” Sorry lady, you already
    lost me. The human form has gone through countless iterations of
    improvement thanks to the process of evolution. To suggest otherwise
    requires one to subscribe to a set of unscientific ideologies that serve
    only to mislead and misguide the public.

  2. @domulys I totally agree!

  3. WHOA!!! “wanna prevent allergies in your kids? get a dog…” “dirt
    injections in Europe…” WTF??? our population has exploded because
    medications and injections and such have kept alive the people who would
    have otherwise DIED now, I got past the creator bit but this is CRAP!!!

  4. What a crock. It’s just a glorified info-mercial of this woman on the
    lecture -circuit, promoting her self-help books. She’s probbably getting
    paid good money to give them, too. I wouldn’t be surprized if she wasn’t
    even a real doctor.

  5. @domulys “To suggest otherwise requires one to subscribe to a set of
    unscientific ideologies that serve only to mislead and misguide the
    public”. Not true. They also serve as a way to pad the wallets of snake-oil
    salespeople like her. 😉

  6. We all have the ability to heal ourselves. I believe there will always be a
    place for medicine but there needs to be a shift from waiting for disease,
    to taking steps to prevent disease and illness from happening in the first
    place. We need to take charge of our own health and wake up to the reality
    that unless we make positive changes in our lifestyle which includes our
    thoughts and beliefs, we will continue to suffer. The true epidemic today
    is millions dying from preventable diseases.

  7. Absolutely BRILLIANT! FINALLY, real spot on information about disease and
    women’s health! ONWARD Dr Northrup!! Godspeed.

  8. great presentation and I would really like to see the show once it goes
    live. Never stop empowering women I say! and never stop dripping the
    information out to people. We each get a piece at a time and it is our job
    to grow from there and make our own changes/growth/improvements from there

  9. Christine your heart and your wisdom flows from you. Thank you for
    empowering women and all of us to take our well being which includes our
    health into our own hands. We are at source and I am responsible for my
    health. We become our thoughts and our focus. Thank you for telling the
    truth and doing it with humor and wisdom. People are waking up, thank you
    for leading the way. Faith

  10. @domulys *shrug* I’m an atheist and I accept evolution as truth, but I can
    understand what she means. In general terms, she is simply saying that our
    bodies are not catastrophes. Yes, there is disease, and no we are not the
    end-all be-all of the evolutionary process, but the body is well equipped
    to take care of itself, if we allow it.

  11. the Dirt injections part is absolute rubbish.

  12. THANK GOD for Christine.

  13. @domulys uhmm… she’s not saying our bodies haven’t gone through the
    process of evolution, she’s just saying that whoever or whatever originated
    our lives want us to be a source of pleasure and blablabla.. she is using
    the word “creator” to dont refer to a specific religion or belief

  14. Well said Dr Christiane. Yes we are responsible for our own health and
    well-being! We do not have to give away the care of our bodies to others.
    We can flourish! I am doing that and I invite others to join this movement.

  15. Dogmatitis: inflammation of the soul! I love it! Great video. And
    definitely right on the mark. Change the way you think about your body and
    health, and you’ll change your experience. Yes, it’s time to explore
    everything that can go right in the human body vs everything that can go
    wrong…Change our beliefs, then our thoughts, then the energy attached to
    our thoughts, and then our outcomes will most certainly change – for the

  16. Very interesting.

  17. I don’t know what annoys me more, the anti-evidence based excrement that
    comes out of her mouth, or the poor people listening to her thinking
    everything she says is true. She uses her title to suggest she is an expert
    and I’m certain she is initiative of the negative plague of opinions that
    patients have towards heathcare that result in bad concordance to effective
    modern medicine.

  18. Health issues, obesity and lifestyles are a big issue that people need to
    take more seriously…Take Care Of Yourself!

  19. Is it all too much for you to take in while she exposes the myths of Big
    Pharma and the medical establishment with attitudes rooted in Freud, the
    belief that Eve was cursed deliberately with painful childbirth and
    menstruation and that women healers are witches.

  20. PBS can you all please release the full video of this? And/or show it again
    on PBS? Thank You.

  21. Has it upset you to hear that women shouldn’t have to be subjecting
    themselves to those dangerous cancer screenings?

  22. Is that true? I didn’t know that, but if so, it’s ironic (and sadder still)
    especially given that Freud (whom she rightly exposes as somebody whose
    ideas are still impacting women negatively) failed to stand with his women
    patients who were female sex abuse survivors–he said it was a father
    daughter fantasy they made up ultimately; I don’t know why she would stand
    up for a man who sexually abuses women (particularly when that time of
    abuse impacts women’s health on such a huge scale)

  23. FibroidsMiracleView

    this true from dr christiane

  24. Why take Calcium without Vitamin D3?

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