Dr. Carol Francis Explores Weight Loss & Optimal Health for Baby Boomers & Over-Weight with Health Coaches Nancy & Dave McDowell on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 27, 2012

Weight Loss and Optimal Health Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show Monday August 27, 2012 live at 10:00AM PCT

Dr. Carol Francis offers a very personal look into why one married couple decided to become independent Health Coaches to help others with weight and health issues. Nancy McDowell is a Registered Nurse and her husband Dave is a retired Police Sergeant. Together, they changed their lives and now offer a chance for others to optimize their health. Also joining the program will be Steve and Jenny Berg who are Health Coach Mentors.

Dave & Nancy McDowell explain their personal journey toward optimal health.

Their journey has led to a growing passion to help others not with “just another diet” but with achieving optimal health through a truly attainable lifestyle change.

Steve and Jenny Berg with Dave and Nancy McDowell discuss also how they coach others by personalizing their coaching to include authentic building of relationships with their clients.

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