Don’t Forget to Rest & Grow When Sculpting Your Muscles

by Rachel Winter
(Eastbourne, Sussex, UK)

Whenever you first start going to the gym to sculpt your muscles, you tend to get rather regimented in your routine and if you’re going to stick with it for the long term, it is important for you to make sure that you are not missing workouts and that it you are building on your workouts at the same time.

There comes a period, however, whenever your body reaches saturation point in your body building workouts and this is the point that many of us start to experience a slow down in the amount of muscle that we are growing naturally. Why is that the case?

Those of us who get used to going to the gym begin to love going to the gym and it almost becomes something that we get addicted to.

As a result, we may find ourselves spending an increasing amount of time in the gym doing our strength training and we might even be working out on a daily basis, perhaps even five or six days a week.

As we are lifting all of this weight, sweating it out and really pushing ourselves to limit, we begin to notice that the amount of muscle that we are putting on is lacking, somehow. As a result, we work harder and harder but it just doesn’t seem to happen. Why is that the case?

Quite simply, we are over exercising and our body is not going to grow new muscle if we don’t give it the opportunity to do so. Although we may enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights, it is also important that we take our days off and rest our body to give it the opportunity to grow and get larger.

As a matter of fact, if you’re going to the gym and not experiencing some kind of a gain each time you’re there, you are not giving your body adequate rest in between workout sessions.

Fortunately, the remedy for this is rather simple. You need to change your schedule around to a certain extent so that you are resting for two or three days between workouts.

If you absolutely cannot stay outside of the gym for that long, try splitting your routine so that you’re working your lower body and upper body, every other day but rotating them.

This will allow you to have anywhere from three to four days between working out body parts, an adequate amount of time for you to rest, repair and get ready to grow again.

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Updated: January 22, 2014 — 8:53 pm

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