Don’t Forget to Breathe Correctly To Gain Muscles

by Harvey Bond
(Chicago, USA)

There are many different things that the body needs in order to survive. There’s no doubt that we need to eat regularly in order to live and togain muscle naturally. The same is also true with water, as our body is made up of a high percentage of water in all of our cells.

The interesting thing is, however, that we can go for days without water before our body gives out and expires. In the case of food, we can go for months without food and although we may not be in the best of shape, we can starve ourselves for a very long time before we die.

There’s something else that we need, however, that we can’t do without for a very short period of time.

How long do you think you could live without breathing? Do you think you could go a few days or perhaps even an hour? Within just a few minutes of stopping the breathing process, our body totally shuts down and we die.

This just shows you exactly how important it is that we have this breath but unfortunately, that is something that many of us are lacking in some way or another and in the case of natural bodybuilders, it may be hurting your growth.

In order for us to gain muscle, we need to feed that muscle with everything that it possibly needs. This would include natural forms of protein, amino acids and enzymes.

It would also predispose that we were hydrated properly as this is extremely important for muscle growth that is natural. You might be surprised to learn that breathing has a lot to do with the muscle that you are building as well. Why is that the case?

Whenever we breathe in properly and deeply, the blood traveling through our lungs will pick up the oxygen and distribute it to various areas of the body before returning to pick up more. If we are taxing our muscles, the body will naturally deposit more oxygen in this area in order to help these muscles to recover and repair themselves.

What this means is that the oxygen we are breathing helps our muscles to grow stronger. That is why it is so important for you to make sure that you are breathing properly, both whenever you are at the gym and whenever you are simply sitting around relaxing.

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Updated: January 24, 2014 — 9:55 am

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