Domestic Violence – Where Battered Women Can Find Help?

by Rachel Saunders
(Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Staying in an abusive relationship is a risk that most battered women are no longer willing to take. When an abused woman is finally able to face the situation she finds herself in, she can find the right kind of help she needs through Domestic Violence Shelters.

Battered Women Shelters are able to lend support to women in an abusive relationship by giving them a place to stay, emotional support, counseling, and helping them to train and find jobs. Domestic Violence Shelters are there to show battered women that staying in an abusive relationship is no longer an option.

Victims who are being abused by a domestic partner may be unaware of places that can help them get out of an abusive relationship. Victims who decide to stay in an abusive relationship due to lack of financial support, may believe that they are stuck in their situation. The more women know about their options, the easier it will be for them to make the decision to leave.

Most cities and states have their own Battered Women Shelters where women can find refuge. Most shelters know and understand that the decision to leave is ultimately up to the victim. If a woman is not ready to leave the abusive relationship out of fear or uncertainty, Domestic Violence Shelters are still there to help lend support until she is ready to make that leap.

Once a victim of domestic violence leaves an abusive relationship and finds help and support from a Domestic Violence Shelter, they begin to feel safer, happier, and much more in control of their lives. Even though statistics show that some women return back to the abusive relationships, most are just happy to be away from the fear and abuse, and learn to start new lives that are much more healthier and happier for them and their children.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a helpful number to call for women who are being abused and just need that first step in finding out their options. The Domestic Violence Hotline can tell women where they can find shelter in the areas that they live in. Another place a victim can seek help is through the National Coalition Against Domestic Violation.

The NCAD will help battered women to develop a safe plan to escape their situation. The NCAD also give battered women advice on how to create a safe codeword for other families to call for help when a person is in danger.

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Updated: October 30, 2012 — 7:09 pm

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