Does Zumba really help weight loss?

I want to lose about 30 pounds. I eat pretty healthy, but my exercising is bad. I simply cannot STAND running on the treadmill anymore!!! Any other fun exercises are welcome too!

Anything will help you burn fat if you're diet allows it. If you have a caloric deficit, you will burn calories in your sleep and you don't need exercise. If you want to exercise you you'll have to tell us what is fun because fun is relative to the individual. Some people love to run. You don't. Perhaps you would like to workout with Zuzana –> http://www.youtube.com/user/charliejames1975 and perhaps not. How can we know? Check out the following fitness facts. They may help you understand what's required to burn body fat.

• If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you have to lose fat eventually. There are no exceptions to this fact.

• A pound of fat will yield about 3500 calories (Kcal) of energy.

• An average person must run or walk about 5 miles (8 km) every day to burn one pound of fat per week AND THEIR DIET MUST ALLOW IT.

• An average person must run or walk about 350 miles (563 km) to burn 10 pounds AND THEIR DIET MUST ALLOW IT.

• An average person who consumes 500 calories per day less than they burn will lose about a pound a week with no extra time or physical effort required.

• A average person dieting with a 500 calorie/day deficit will burn 10 pounds of fat in 10 weeks. The same person running 5Km (3 miles) per day with a Zero calorie/day deficit will burn 10 pounds in 16 weeks.

•Running only burns slightly more calories than walking as long as the distance remains the same.

• It does not matter if a person runs or walks a given distance…they will burn about the same number of calories. Although running burns slightly more than walking, the distance is far more significant than the speed over which it is traveled.

• It is not necessary to do “cardio” to burn fat. “Cardio” is aerobic exercise which elevates the heart rate to 80% of max and sustains it for the purpose of cardio-vascular fitness. You can burn fat in your sleep.

• Most of the calories you consume will be spent just keeping your body temperature at 98.6F.

• It doesn’t matter how hard or how long you exercise, you will not lose any fat if you eat too much. You can always eat more calories than you can burn. When it comes to burning fat, diet always trumps exercise.

• There are only two nonsurgical things you can do to sculpt your body and they are (1) add or lose fat and (2) add or lose muscle. Muscle can only be lost naturally through atrophy.

• There is no exercise which will remove fat from a particular place on the body. Your body (genetics) determines where you lose fat, not you nor your diet nor your exercise. Spot fat removal by diet or exercise is a myth which is why people spend so much money on liposuction.

• There are no supplements which will make your body burn fat. Only you can do that with diet control.

• Protein has the same caloric content as pure sugar (4cal/gram).

• An average natural bodybuilder who is just starting to train may gain as much as 4-8 ounces of muscle in a month. An average dieter who is burning fat will lose about a pound a week. Anyone can gain a pound in a few minutes just be drinking a pint of water.

Exercise is hard work and it should be based on goals such as excellence in a sport or occupation, strength, explosive power, endurance, flexibility, systemic fitness, speed and agility, improved bone density, physical dexterity, stress reduction, general health and well being, body sculpting, body awareness, coordination, poise and comportment, balance, body composition, peace of mind, mental acuity, increased life expectancy, etc. Success is the best motivator and without goals you have no way of measuring success. You also have no way of making the best selection of exercises.

You may consider creating a list of goals in order of importance and then posting them here (in YA) asking for the best plan to meet those goals.

Good luck and good health!!

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