Does anyone live in Inwood?

Where do you work out? What other gyms/fitness centers besides yours are in the area?

Utah's Live-in Fitness Camp

Good and bad, is there anything you can tell me about living up there? Where are the good areas, where are the bad ones? Are any of the public schools any good?


i live around inwood, but i think they have a planet fitness, or J&J in 181st street i kno pretty far but its good (google it), and there are alot of good schools like P.S.152 i went there as a child. STAY AWAY from Salome Urena school (I.S 218) it is the worst school in the world!!! and for a high school, George Washington High School Campus is good more specific the Buisness school which is on the 2nd floor is the best and they have uniform unlike the other ones, also the park you see alot of ppl running and sometimes they have fitness centers ,i guess you can call them that, in the park. they have machines and you can go work out and stuff

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