does anyone have a basic and simple yoga exercises?

im trying to lose weight fast…ive also been on an on and off low carb diet(im still slowly adjusting)…i also do 1 hour of cardio everyday…so i heard yoga helps u lose weight also..so anyone have a good simple yoga exercise?


Yes, yoga can not only help you lose weight but it has a energising effect on your well being. If you control your eating habits by eating a vegetarian diet, no sugar, no oil, along with doing yoga, the effect is tremendous. You don't need to workout on a treadmill.

Please visit the site – http://yoga.allindiansite.com/suryam.html

This is the the first of the 15 yoga postures. Even if you do only the Surya Namaskar 10 to 15 times every morning it is enough, but if you have time do all of following which are mentioned in detail on the right side of the site, click on each and you will know how to perform:

Surya Namaskar

Standing Prayer Breath

Seated Yoga Mudra

Breathing Meditation

Akarna dhanur-asana

Ardha- matsyendra

Bhadda kona-asana








Bhujangasana-The Cobra

Please do read and follow the diet as below:


I hope it benefits you as it has to me and so many others who have followed this method. You dont need to pay huge sum of money at the gym. You just need a thick mat or towel and a 6 feet by 3 feet space at your home.

Good luck to you and give me your feedback in a month's time

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