1. Fucking beaner is full of shit 

  2. Fucking beaner is full of shit 

  3. Watchoutfor Thegorilla

    WoW, and he gained weight,,, 

  4. The ocean has currents, if you throw something in the water it’ll end up
    somewhere else in half that time?

    Sounds like the media is hyping this up so they can disprove it later, like
    they do with movie stars & politicians when the news is slow

  5. There’s no way this guy was w/o food or water for 13 days, let alone
    years. Without water, one dies very quickly, and this guy’s so fat that
    it’s all hogwash. He was with some gf and doesn’t want his bf to know,
    that’s all.

  6. What the hell was he eating? Lol god damn must have been a good island

  7. Yeeeeeessss,He’s in good health.TOO good…

  8. Don’t end up stranded on an island talking to a volleyball named Wilson…
    get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.

  9. Liar……

  10. Bet he enjoyed eating that kid too…

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