Doable Physical Fitness Program Delivers Maximum Results in Less Than 1 Hour a Week

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) April 1, 2009

An efficient one hour a week physical fitness program is all that is necessary to lose body fat fast, and re-shape your muscles, as proven in the newly released Fitness Program Secrets.

Time depleted individuals, who can never seem to find the time to workout in today's fast paced society, have finally found a solution in Beverly Hills celebrity personal trainer, Jim O'Connor's, Fitness Program Secrets – Maximum Results In Less Than 1 Hour A Week.

On April 1, 2009, this efficient, fat loss exercise workout program was released to the general public in an effort to help save people time by getting the maximum fitness benefit in the absolute least amount of workout time, a perfect solution for a busy person who just can't seem to find time to exercise. Not having enough time is no longer a viable reason to hold people back from the health benefits of a results producing physical fitness program.

Mr. O'Connor created the exercise workout program as an answer to a survey he conducted on thousands of his Wellness Word Newsletter subscribers. He wanted to know what was the main reason they had for not enjoying exercise program results. 58.1% of the people surveyed said they simply do not have enough time, and are confused about which body fat loss, exercise workout plan is best.

Utilizing his 23 years, and 34,153 session personal training experience, Mr. O'Connor devised what he calls the most efficient, effective physical fitness program available today. He not only created it for his Wellness Word customers, and subscribers, but also for his own use. “People need to understand, new studies are showing we do not need as much exercise time as we once thought in order to reap excellent physical benefits, that is, if we workout the proper way. In today's busy society, in order for exercise to be a viable solution for fat loss, and fitness, it must be doable.,” says Mr. O'Connor.

Therefore, Mr. O'Connor utilized his experience as well as current exercise program research to devise, and thoroughly test his Fit Fast Program found in Fitness Program Secrets, a downloadable multimedia how to guide on getting the best exercise results in the least amount of time.

Mr O'Connor said he created his exercise program guide to save people time, give them a simple, proven blueprint to follow, and motivate them to success, all in less than one hour of workout time a week.

A 60 days test of his workout program showed very impressive results. All with less than one hour of exercise time a week, results showed a fat loss of 14.3 pounds, an increase in muscle strength during each session, and a drastic improvement in resting pulse, and blood pressure. “My physical fitness program simply works,” said O'Connor. “As a society, we need to stop

wasting our valuable time in the gym, and start getting the results we deserve.”

For additional information on Fitness Program Secrets, and how to achieve better results by working out less than one hour a week, contact Jim O'Connor or visit http://www.fitnessprogramsecrets.com.

About Jim O'Connor:

Jim O'Connor is a Beverly Hills based exercise physiologist/fitness program consultant, and managing partner of Wellness Word, LLC. Mr. O'Connor is passionate about empowering people with the correct health and fitness information, thus, helping them reach their absolute physical best in the least amount of time. In order to broadcast his message to as many people as possible, he is the author, and publisher of Wellness Word Newsletter, as well as numerous fitness related information products.


Jim O'connor, Chief Exercise Physiologist

Wellness Word, LLC



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