Do you think coke should be avoided to maintain optimal health?

this is Mexican coke so it doesn't have the nonsense gmo-based HFCS in it. i'm not all the active at the moment so the sugar may not burn completely off. plus, the exact recipe is a trade secret so would it be best to avoid that what you don't know is going in there?

no wiki pastes please

optimal health , then yes, avoid it.

Its not the sugar, though that is not good for oyu and its interesting that you use “it's MExican coke” as some kind of defense. WHen did eating 16 spoons of sugar PER CAN become OK!

ha, that is how much of a PIG america is- dropping its ugly greedy influence on the entire wrld that doesn't even want it, so that people who eat real sugar, although way to much of it, can say ” oh but it's healthy, i'ts real sugar”.

The carbonation really erodes your teeth and can give you stomach acid, which causes cancer and ulcers.

Enough wearing awy of your stomach lining cause s serious diseases.

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