Do You Know Your Own Skin Type?

by Harvey Bond
(Brisbane, Australia)

Every time we have a trip to the supermarket, grocery store, department store or even into beauty boutiques to buy some beauty products, we always see that certain beauty products are best for a specific skin type only.

For that reason, those who have no knowledge about skin types are having difficulties in choosing which beauty items are right for them!.

Having said that, knowing your skin type will really be helpful for you in choosing products that will have the proper effect for your skin’s need.

Wondering how are you going to know your skin type? Well, according to Rona Bergs, taking a skin test is the most viable option in determining your skin type and the good news is that the process is really very simple.

All you have to do is to wash your face and pat it dry. Then, have a piece of paper or cleaning tissue and press it on the different parts of your face.

By doing so, you will find out that there should be different results for different skin types and areas of your face. An oily skin will turn the paper translucent wherein there is visible oil build up on the paper. In addition to that, the paper usually sticks to the face.

If the paper didn’t stick or accumulate any oil, then your skin is dry. However, if the paper sticks only on your t-zone, where the nose, chin and forehead are located, then you must have a combination type of skin.

For the clarity of the different types of skin, discussing them individually will be of great help. Thus, to start with, the oily skin type of skin usually has a shiny facial skin with large pores wherein it is very prone to blemishes as well as to blackheads.

On the other hand, dry skin feels to be tight especially after cleansing. Dry skin people tend to have fine wrinkles with red patches and flaking as well as a dull looking skin due to the buildup of dead skin.

Those who have a combination type of skin, or as other people call it, a normal skin, will usually have medium pores on his facial skin. The color of the skin looks healthy with good circulation. However, dry skin has distinguishing characteristic, dry cheeks with an oily t-zone.

The other types of skin are sensitive skin and aging skin or a sun-damaged skin. Sensitive skin is characterized by having a thin delicate skin with fine pores. The skin also flushes easily however those with sensitive skin tend to have broken capillaries which are typically allergic as well as it can be rashy.

Lastly, aging skin usually has a dry tight feel but the skin itself is loose. There is also visible wrinkles and slack skin tone most especially on the jaw line and around the cheeks.

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Updated: February 8, 2014 — 5:41 am

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