1. I have been taking multivitamins for my whole life, but I also eat right
    and work out. I don’t get sick often, and I have no diseases, in my case,
    it’s fine to take them, my doctor recommends them. According to my doctor,
    maintaining weight is more important and you do that by eating fewer
    calories. Natural sources would leave you vitamine starved if you were to
    eat a steady diet of just enough calories to maintain. 

  2. I tried clicking milk does the body bad, and it brought me to how music
    affects the brain. Also as interesting, but not what I haven’t seen

  3. could it be by any chance that people who take vitamin supplements use it
    as an excuse to slack off in other areas of life like eating right and
    exercise? because I know I do (:

  4. I only take what i don’t get from my diet. Most people, including me, don’t
    get enough vitamin d and omega 3, so i take those, plus vitamin c because i
    smoke. That’s what a professional nutritionist taught me (along with why
    and how they work), and they also teach you that in the US, a lot of
    supplements are a scam (a multi million dollar scam targeting the already
    poor elderly) because they have basically no regulation compared to the EU.
    Taking too much and what you don’t need usually just results in you having
    super expensive pee, haha. So i feel like i’m very informed and don’t feel
    like i’m wasting money. 20 dollars for 3 months worth of what my body needs
    (according to science), seems like a fair deal.

  5. It depends largely on the quality of the vitamins. Whole foods are
    obviously better and they aren’t saying vitamins are bad for you, just that
    too much of certain vitamins can increase mortality. I think this is
    obvious. I take a high quality multivitamin and some select amino acids, my
    health is a lot better, I try to get my antioxidants primarily from veggies
    as evidence shows that is by far the best source. 

  6. I wanted to leave another link:
    DoctorYourself floowed by DOT and then COM
    There is a whole host of topics in there.
    DNews is reporting boased words in this case.

  7. Don’t fall for shampoos with vitamins in them either. You cannot absorb
    vitamins through the skin, so all those vitamins added to the shampoo just
    go down the drain.

  8. Ferenc Flórián Keszthelyi

    Supplements are supplements. The problem is that people don’t know that
    vitamin and mineral pills are in fact only supplements. If you don’t need
    them, you are not supposed to take them and if you need them, you still
    have to follow the recommendations.
    I didn’t know that this is still a problem in 2013.

  9. I don’t like studies that look that what happens to people who are already
    sick, or people who are already healthy.

    What about the vast majority that is in between perfectly healthy and
    already sick?

    I think if a study were conducted on the general population, those who take
    a multivitamin would prove to be healthier than those who don’t.

    I’m not saying that everyone should taken a multivitamin; people who
    already are super healthy from eating vegetables all day should not take a
    multivitamin. But the rest of us who don’t eat a perfect diet should take a
    multivitamin as insurance against deficiencies from our less than perfect

    Yes, vitamins from food sources are best. Yes, everyone should be eating a
    perfectly healthy diet. But in the reality in which the vast majority does
    not eat a perfectly healthy diet, multivitamins, though not ideal, are
    better than vitamin deficiencies. 

  10. You didn’t even mention fat soluble vitamins being the biggest risk. The
    RDA for vitamins and minerals are normally your minimum daily intake to
    avoid criticism but so long as you aren’t taking 3000% of your RDA or too
    much vitamin A (over 30mg a day) you should be fine.

  11. I take extra vitamins because I am a super taster, so a lot of stuff that’s
    healthy for me I can’t even put in my mouth without wanting to spit it out
    let alone eating it.

  12. So, what about those of us who have dietary issues, like celiac? Should I
    be taking supplements of some kind (like a general multivitamin) or not?
    On one hand, I have slightly reduced ability to absorb nutrients (until my
    intestines heal from their minor villi blunting) and a huge cheap source of
    vitamin-enriched food is off limits. On the other, I get an increased
    likelihood of certain kinds of intestinal cancer and other problems, mostly
    if I am exposed to gluten often.

  13. i dont take vitamin pills and i dont have any sort of diat to get all of
    the vitamins i should get in a day by food… and im in good health

  14. Most of the crappy food Americans eat is also not good for us. Turns out
    nothing is good for us and everything causes cancer. Even treated tap water
    is said to have cancer causing chemicals in it. Beside that: unhealthy
    habits (smoking, drinking), pollution, minor amounts of radiation, waste,
    genetics, preservatives in foods, chemicals in foods, herbicides,
    pesticides, cleaning solutions, etc… I know plenty of people who take
    vitamins and don’t have cancer. I’ve known people who had cancer when they
    were children and I know people who lived healthy life styles (I don’t know
    about taking vitamins, but they exercise regularly) and got cancer. The
    leading causes of death are cancer and heart disease; there’s a high chance
    people of all kinds will die from one of those two things. 

  15. maybe the problem they see in studies is that they do not take in to
    account the extra fillers that are in the pills. have they tried comparing
    ordinary pill vitamin users against users who are using supplement pills
    without any fillers? 

  16. The only vitamins to be careful of are the fat soluble ones. Its damn hard
    to get poisoned by B or C. But then, you might be bad luck brian

  17. I take a multivitamin tablet focused on skin, hair & nails with a meal, I
    always eat healthy and chuck some of salad on the side of everything I eat,
    I don’t eat meat so I like to make sure I’m not lacking in anything.. And
    now I’m kinda worrying that I shouldn’t?! :/

  18. sooo… the researchers gave people with sever health issues pills they
    expected them to damage the patients further?

    wow. all in the name of science? i love science, technology and research,
    but this is immoral!

  19. Although somewhat vague, my profs teaching basic pharmacology made it quite
    clear that vitamins and any sort of supplements can definitely act as drugs
    by unnaturally altering bodily mechanisms. This is possible due to changes
    to their concentration proportionality in the blood as a result of
    ingesting more than the ‘usual’ amount. Some may argue that digestion &
    metabolism following ingestion removes much of the active ingredient, which
    can be true… Yet often, only a slight change is necessary in causing
    compounding effects by over activating / inhibiting second messenger
    signaling involved in biological pathways and the likes.
    Compounding effects can result in overproduction of proteins, genes etc,
    that at normal amounts is harmless but during overproduction can begin to
    cause damage to for instance, neighboring cells, but also can cause
    unnatural cell growth.
    This is only a pharmacological + a little cell bio POV, however.

  20. Maybe the people who take vitamins feel that they need to take them because
    they are not very healthy, hence the higher chances of all these horrible
    things. While healthy people don’t necessarily feel the need to take

  21. I’m Norwegian, which means especially now in the dark winter months, I take
    vitamin D-supplements. I also take vitamin B12-supplements, since I’m
    vegan. Other than that I don’t really take any supplements, except some
    enzymes I often taken if I know I’m going somewhere with food my stomach
    isn’t used to, like an Indian restaurant for instance.

  22. I’d like to know the dosage those people were on. Because a really high
    dosage would of course cause ill effects. But so long as the dosage isn’t
    too high, no vitamin show be harmful.

  23. I’m on vitamin D3 because my skin sucks at absorbing sun rays (yet I’m
    pale.) Only take vitamins if you know you need them, and take as little has

  24. I kinda like her :)

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