1. geez they need to invent this shit just to make people exercise?

  2. thank you for the video ­čÖé

  3. 1:45 well if it is made correctly it should show less then what the person
    have done (if it told the person did more then he did then would we have a
    clear “error”) for why it is less? well i think its clear that its not all
    that easy to make something that is “perfect”…ofc remember its a bracelet

  4. Melanie Alexandra

    Why are both of the top comments degrading and offensive?

  5. They do not work cause I’m still fat.

  6. I have one of those things in my shoes i play basketball they are great

  7. That Trace… Every time I see him I just want to rip his shirt off! Wait
    what? No, see, he always wears these cool shirts I want. What did you think
    I was talking about?

  8. Well, laci, I used to have thats cheap small pedometer that came with the
    pkmn SS for Ds… and the new 3DS also checks on your activity, another
    “energy tracker” i remember was the DDR for GC which used to ask for your
    height and weight and then tell ya about how many calories you lost during
    the game

  9. I have a fitbit zip, and it’s green! It works really well and it encourages
    me to move around, I know I am more acute then it says but it is close…

  10. 0EneMywithBEnEfiTs0

    I don’t know about you, but when I bike ride I go ham.

  11. rainbowheartlove1

    I think my walking is accurate but I know that the tricycle riding is more
    active than what the fitbit says it is. It bugs me how little time it says
    I spend being “very active.” Otherwise, I really like using it and being
    able to compare my steps to my sister.

  12. I don’t have one myself, but I’ve heard that some of them can also track
    things like sleep and help you wake up at the optimal time.

  13. Charles Jefferson II

    Fitness Trackers´╗┐

  14. I have been using whatpulse since 2007 and I have moved my mouse thousands
    of miles, clicked hundreds of thousands of times and typed hundreds and
    hundreds of thousands of keys.

  15. wait till laci reads this

  16. Boobs, dude, just boobs.

  17. Health awareness is beneficial. Until the tech is precise I’ll stick with a

  18. Great comment man.

  19. My FitBit goes on my hip and seems pretty accurate. At first I was
    skeptical, but I kept an eye on it during mild activity-such as walking
    around my house, during strenuous activity-playing tennis with my dad, as
    well as at rest-laying in my bed after wisdom teeth extraction. What I like
    about it is it calculates your BMR and emphasizes that it is important to
    eat no matter what you do (though it gives a caloric guide of what you
    should be eating), and seems pretty accurate detecting movement!

  20. Interesting observation.

  21. I remember Sugar Ray Leonard had one and that’s how he learned how to
    workout for boxing. Wait, these are new! How about you learn how to
    workout? It’s a gimmick!

  22. My classmates laughed when I told them I would build muscle with “RushMax
    Muscle”, but then they saw the results. Go Google RushMax Muscle to see
    their reaction.

  23. HetLuieGameKonijn

    She is not fat ( she is cute ) and she talks perfectly fine please let
    you’re ears get checked.

  24. i could stab myself with a whole bunch of sensors, that would probably be

  25. Just download an app for your smartphone, it probably just as good, way
    cheaper, and you don’t have to carry and charge another device´╗┐

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