1. Totally trying this!

  2. it’s the ginger neccesary? i don’t have ginger but I have the other

  3. I’m soooooo trying this!!!!

  4. I love this and your other ‘weight loss’ video, they are really helpful. I
    started running a few months ago, and while I feel great…I haven’t lost
    any weight. I don’t that bad, but I suppose some people are weird like
    that. I am gonna try some your tips.

  5. Can’t wait to try this, thank you for sharing!

  6. I didn’t know those facts about ginger! Great video!

  7. Love it!

  8. Love it! So going to try this!

  9. woooot wooot!

  10. I’d end up doing this just so I could eat MORE ha ha, I love food so much!
    My metabolism is very high already (I can eat up to 2500 calories now and
    maintain) and I realized I do include all these ingredients in my diet
    rather often 🙂 <3 Excellent video! I'm having camera issues hence why my
    video for this week isn't up yet…boo…I did your batman lips to go see
    'Thor 2' & my boyfriend got a pic on his camera, it looked awesome! <3 xxx

  11. So interesting!

  12. COOL!!

  13. love it!

  14. Wow informative I like it

  15. I want Avon mousse and benefit lipgloss too faced or urban decay palette ,
    organic mascara please let me win 

  16. I am really excited to try this because your other weight loss video was so
    helpful! :D

  17. Hey lovely! Just took a look at your videos and your doing such a great
    job. I’m subscribed to you and it would mean so much to me if you could
    support me on my journey and sub me back! Take a look at my first few
    videos and let me know what you think ♡ Much love! x

  18. You did so good I’m my opinion, I really like that you used drugstore
    brushes I have all the ones you use and now I know how to use them lol I
    didn’t really know what I was doing but this has been really helpful,
    another thing I liked is the double winged eyeliner I’ve never tried doing
    that and it looked so pretty I’m going to start 🙂 thanks 🙂 keep uploading
    this type of videos I really like them !

  19. thank you, I will try this…liked your makeup in this video,,,

  20. any advice for someone who is allergic to ginger?

  21. What can I change to make it rate different (nicer)

  22. Does this work?

  23. Is this for all ages?
    (Im 13)

  24. Thanks alot will try t starting from today

  25. Do you have to do this 30 minute before you eat? Or just when your stomach
    is empty and is it okay if I drink water before I drink this, I always have
    my customary glass/ bottle of water first thing when I wake up lol

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