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Deutsch: Cellulite am OberschenkelDiscover The Truth About Cellulite….Cellulite Lies….those lumpy areas beneath your skin can be quite embarrassing. When you’re dressed your best and you’ve got it all covered up, it can be easy to put it out of you mind.

But when it’s time to show some skin, you can’t hide what’s there. Taking off your clothes for your significant other doesn’t leave any way to hide cellulite – and when you feel like being romantic, you don’t want to be reminded of your body’s flaws.

It’s embarrassing and can really do a number on your self-esteem. You don’t even have to undress for cellulite to make an appearance. When the weather turns warmer and you want to put on some cooler clothes like shorts, the cellulite is there for the world to see.

Forget wearing a bikini or even a one piece at the pool or beach if you don’t want your cellulite to show. Cellulite is something that even skinny people have – so while weight contributes to having cellulite, it’s not the only reason you get it.

At some point in life, most women are going to have to deal with this issue. The key to dealing with it is to know what’s a scam and how you can honestly treat cellulite.

What Is Cellulite, Exactly?

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat. Everyone has it. It becomes noticeable when these fat deposits can be seen against the skin. This fat has a tendency to clump in an area and change the smooth appearance of your body.

It’s divided by grades, with grade 3 being the cellulite that’s noticeable. It’s a myth that only women that carry excess weight on the hips, buttocks and thighs struggle with cellulite.

Anyone can get cellulite – but women are more prone to get this than men are because of the way a woman’s body has fat in certain areas. Cellulite exists on a woman’s body whether she’s young, elderly, overweight, slender, poor or wealthy.

Even celebrities, who have the means to polish and tone their body have cellulite. Famous women like Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are not immune to cellulite.

These women have been pursued by tabloids and have had close-up shots of their slender, toned, yet cottage cheese thighs printed for all of the world to see. Cellulite can appear on any woman’s body for a number of reasons.

Manufacturers know how desperate you are – and how humiliating it is for famous women and even unknown women who are faced with dimpled skin every day. But not everyone is out to prey on your low self esteem in this department.

Joey Atlas, known as “The Cellulite Slayer”, first developed his Truth About Cellulite program (also known as the Naked Beauty system) – not to help rich celebrities – but to help a female college friend who reached out to him for assistance creating an “at home” plan to fight the cellulite she was plagued with.

He took her plea of help as a challenge, and actually created a plan that works for everyone – and his friend Dana shared it with two coworkers who also saw amazing results. It wasn’t their fault they were plagued with cellulite. Sometimes it’s out of your control.

You can be genetically disposed to getting cellulite and there’s even a medical test to see if your family history will make you a likely candidate for a certain grade of cellulite.

You can’t change the genetics that your family gave you. Just as some people have certain diseases passed down through the genes, you may have your cellulite development given to you by your ancestors.

While there are many wonderful things associated with being pregnant, some changes aren’t so wonderful. You can develop cellulite during pregnancy. Your body will begin to show that dimpling in areas that may not have had it before.

The reason that pregnancy can cause cellulite to blossom is due to the raised estrogen levels that your body gets while you’re pregnant. This estrogen causes the fat to multiply and flourish.

During pregnancy, your body also changes the tightness of your skin. Your body gets stretched – hence the stretch marks. This contributes to the way that the cellulite can be seen.

Hormonal changes that occur within the body for various reasons can lead to cellulite. So can growing older. When a woman ages, her skin’s connective tissue loses the firmness it used to have. Not as much collagen is produced.

You’ve heard that yo-yo dieting is bad for you, but what you might not know is that it can cause you to develop visible cellulite. It’s better to lose weight steadily through a healthy eating plan than to risk what yo-yo dieting can do to your body.

Another risk that can cause cellulite is being a couch potato. While exercise will not erase cellulite 100%, by exercising, you can lessen how noticeable it is and make it virtually unnoticeable.

Dieting Doesn’t Get Rid of Cellulite

There are so many diet commercials that tout the cellulite lie. Beautiful bodies are flaunted in barely there bathing suits that tug at your insecurities about your own body.

These commercials play on your emotions, counting on how much you hate having cellulite. So they feed you a well-rehearsed spiel of lies. They tell you that cellulite can disappear with weight loss and they’ll even show you seemingly real before photo shots of some woman with dimpled thighs.

Then they show you the after shot and all the cellulite is gone. That’s because these people are also counting on you to believe that dieting actually does work. Many people do swallow the lie because they want so desperately to change how their body looks.

By dieting, cellulite can be slightly improved – but that has to do with what happens to your skin tone when you diet. It has nothing to do with the cellulite. It’s still there and will make another appearance depending on the factors in your life such as diet, exercise, weight gain or loss, hormones and other changes.

Celebrities who are photographed with cellulite have access to personal trainers or world famous fitness gurus, to top rated diets and to dieticians and personal chefs.

Yet, they’re still prone to cellulite, too. Because dieting does not work to rid the body forever and ever of cellulite.

Women Spend Insane Sums of Money Fighting Cellulite

When it comes to making the body look the best that it can look, money is no object. Even if you’re struggling to make ends meet, it can still be awfully tempting to spend what you don’t have on the search for the elusive cellulite busters.

Body beauty is a huge business. Or maybe instead of body beauty it should be called what you believe about your body is huge business. Because manufacturers play on your beliefs about your body.

They tell you that if you only bought this or that, you could finally get rid of that unsightly cellulite and then you’d be happy. They advertise beautiful people with no cellulite of course, frolicking in their beachwear laughing and having a wonderful life.

That’s the subliminal message they’re sending you. See? If you got rid of your cellulite, then a beautiful life awaits you, too. These companies are sending women by the droves to buy expensive creams that promise to help them kick every last vestige of cellulite out of their body.

So women buy the cream that doesn’t help. Then loofahs are next on the list. If you’ll just buy one of these and scrub your skin, it’ll look as smooth as it once did before cellulite showed up.

That’s a lie. You can’t scrub your skin smooth and free of cellulite. Body wraps become the next big “beat cellulite” product. Just try it and watch all of that dimpling disappear.

You try it and lo and behold, the cellulite is gone. It’s a miracle! No, what happened was that the body wrap dehydrated your body. When you get wrapped up like a mummy and told to exercise (like is practiced at some salons that specialize in body wraps), you sweat out your body’s excess water.

A claim of cellulite loss through this procedure is not only a lie, but a dangerous lie. Within a couple of days, that water loss is recouped by your body. You didn’t lose any cellulite.

You lost time and money. The cellulite will show back up, but the time and money you won’t get back. The Naked Beauty program isn’t one that keeps reaching into your pockets for more and more cash every time the cellulite makes a return appearance. You learn the system once, and it works long-term.

Some women are buying into the belief that tanning can make cellulite disappear. So they head out to the beach or lay out in the sun as often as possible so that the cellulite won’t show. Cellulite, whether tanned or not, is still cellulite and tanning doesn’t fool anyone into not seeing what’s there.

Plus, you’re putting your body at further risk. Not only could you get skin cancer, but getting a tan can give your skin a leathery appearance – which makes cellulite more noticeable.

The “tan in a bottle” lotions that promise you a healthy glow look abnormal, especially in the colder months when no one else looks tanned. Some people might tell you that tanning lotions make your skin look even, which makes cellulite disappear.

While this tanning cream can hide uneven skin tones, it can’t hide what’s below the surface where cellulite resides. Retinol cream is touted as a help for cellulite. While this cream can help minimize the look of cellulite, it doesn’t completely take away the fact that the cellulite is noticeable.

Liposuction Can Worsen Cellulite

There are numerous liposuction procedures performed in the quest to get rid of cellulite. This procedure is costly, risky and can make your cellulite look much worse than when you first went in to have the liposuction done.

When you have this procedure done, you’re essentially having the fat deposits sucked from your body. While in theory, this may seem like the ideal route to go, it’s not – and not just because it can make the cellulite look worse.

The reason that it can look worse is because the surgeon can’t control how the clumps of fat are suctioned out of the body. The area gets vacuumed as a whole rather than individual fat deposits being targeted.

So your doctor might get some of the fat, but leave some behind. When the healing is done, you could end up with an area that looks even lumpier. Worse that not getting the improvement that you wanted, you’re out thousands of dollars.

Numerous people, some well known, have suffered complications and some have died during liposuction. The FDA lists the risks associated with liposuction. Besides infections that can put your life at risk, you could get an embolism, suffer a puncture wound, develop necrosis or even die.

An attempt to get rid of cellulite should never put your life at risk.

Cellulite Massage Is Yet Another Lie

Cellulite massage has been touted as a non-invasive procedure that can rid the body of lumpy cellulite. There are claims that it can make you look cellulite free and images of beautifully toned bodies often accompany the ads.

This is another cellulite lie that preys on a woman’s desire to have a great looking body. Using this method, the deep tissues of the body are vigorously massaged. During some of the massages, only hands are used while at other times, certain tools are used.

When tools are used, they’re maneuvered over the body with some pressure. The massage can be painful as this force is applied. Once the massage therapy is concluded, those dimples are supposed to be history.

This method claims that with a few (expensive) sessions, any woman will suddenly see a new, cellulite free body that she can be proud of. While at first glance, it does look like that dimpled skin has been smoothed out and the cellulite is gone for good, like the body wrap method, this is just a temporary fix.

The pressure of the massage can be so forceful that it’s causing the skin to swell slightly. When the outer skin swells, it’s covering up the cellulite dimples. But when the swelling is gone, the dimples will reappear.

The Only Proven, Safe Way to Rid Your Body of Cellulite

Cellulite is part of everyone’s body. Nothing you do is going to stop the factors already in play that determine who gets what degree of cellulite. But whether or not that cellulite remains noticeable is in your control.

You don’t have to waste money on procedures that don’t work and you certainly don’t have to put your life at risk to get the smooth looking body that you want. First, you want to make sure that you’re not starving your body of the hydration that you need.

When you stay hydrated, it shows on your skin. You end up with skin that looks a lot smoother – and that can help lumpy areas look better. Secondly, you need to turn that fat into smooth muscle so that you burn up the fat inside your body.

But you really do need to know how to do this because some methods don’t work. If you’ve been going to the gym for awhile now, you probably haven’t noticed a change in how your cellulite looks.

That’s because some methods you’re trying to use to turn fat into muscle just don’t work. But that’s not your fault. You may have believed the myths out there that tell you what you need to do to get rid of cellulite.

Just because what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, it doesn’t mean that you should give up trying. There is a great way that you can get your body to the point where all you see is smooth, great looking skin and the cellulite can’t be seen.

There isn’t going to be a magic pill, potion or cream. There are no shortcuts to looking good when you have cellulite. It’s going to take some effort on your part. But if you’re committed to getting your body to the point where you’re happy with the way it looks, then you can do this.

You can eliminate the unsightly cellulite that makes you cringe when you think of putting on a bikini. You can reach the point where you’re thrilled with every opportunity that comes your way to show off how great your body looks.

If you have 22 minutes a day and 28 days to invest in yourself, then you ought to try the Truth About Cellulite program designed by Joey Atlas. Unlike all the deceptive manufacturers who know heir products won’t work, Joey offers a 60-day risk-free purchase for what is officially called “The Naked Beauty” program – a nickname his clients gave the system after achieving their own set of results. Isn’t it time you became a success story, too?

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