1. So fuckin tired of hearing about starvation mode. It’s pure nonsense, If it
    were even true, why do people who do intermitent fasting lose weight with
    no problems?

  2. ilikeyouyourmyfriend

    i was just watching mcdonalds videos… figures i would end up on a “why
    you’re not loseing weight” video…

  3. @birdbath318 here is the deal….This chick had abs you can visibly see, do
    you? probably not. I am willing to bet she can kick your ass as well. So
    Instead of hiding behind a screen like a coward how about you realize how
    stupid it is to be so critical over someone’s appearance and be less
    ignorant and look into the fact that oh this girl is a personal trainer and
    oh, people get and see results by fallowing her advice. the only thing you
    have is an empty existence. enjoy it.

  4. @birdbath318 LMAO

  5. These are bad tips,the only thing you need to do is eat less calories than
    you need,doesnt matter how. types of food dont matter timing of meals
    doesnt matter,just find a way to eat less thats easy for you.focusing on
    things like water and building muscle really dont matter it makes such a
    small diference.putting on 1 pound of muscle is way harder than it sounds

  6. She has great advice. And yes, what you eat, how much you work out, and all
    that matters. Eating less is good as well but at some point your body goes
    into starvation mode. It will destroy your muscles first and hold onto all
    the fat and crap from the food you are eating. And since muscle weighs
    more, it’ll show you are losing weight. Then after muscle, your body uses
    the fat to keep it going. It burns these up cuz your body needs energy
    which comes from healthy food. So yes, what you eat matte

  7. She is so right about measuring your food. I didn’t lose weight until I
    began to measure everything. I lost 60 pounds–three years ago! And it’s
    still off. And yes, I still measure my food. It’s a small price to pay for
    being thin:)

  8. i loss 17 lbs last month following a free weight loss guide. check it out
    thesafeweightloss. com if anyone is interested

  9. Hey!! 🙂 I just stumbled onto your videos… so far have watched only a
    couple, and I think they’re great! Keep them coming … Thanks! OH!! BTW –
    People can be very rude, not really sure why they tend to lash out at
    others as if in elementary school, maybe they never really “left” school
    (who knows) … I guess it could be they are jealous? That does cause anger
    issues you know? Or, maybe its hearing what they already know, resulting in
    them lashing at you because of lacking willpower?

  10. Also, olypians proved visualization works, as in, imagine your working out
    and the mind/body does not know the difference, the brain thinks working
    out and fires the same as do the muscles. This theory proven now can be
    used for anything, beleif creates. Thought Creates. To notice this is to
    become free of what holds us down, THoughts. Hear no, speak no, think no
    evil and you shall not experience it. I am losing wieght, I am regnerating,
    I have a metabolism of a 16 yr old again, repeate daily.

  11. Nothing tastes better than thin. I mean nothing literally lol.

  12. @chadz393 There *is* debate. Check out one of Gary Taubes’ books if you
    actually care about this. According to him (and the ton of studies he
    analyses), the calories in/calories out theory really doesn’t work, at
    least not long term. What matters is WHAT you eat… specifically and in a
    nut shell, fat is good energy, sugar (including those from breaking down
    starch) messes things up and makes you gain weight. This is also consistent
    with my own experience.

  13. oh fuckin please, if you don’t eat for 5-6 or fuck for a whole day you
    won’t go into starvation mode, I mean think about it it was normal for our
    ancestors to go without food for long periods of time on a daily basis, its
    not like they could find 20g meals every 2-3 hours.

  14. @WoWbob396 I like the Leangains idea as well, but prefer to fast 12+ hours
    as opposed to 16 hours. Exercising on a fasted stomach is optimal for
    fatloss anyway. This whole eating before you exercise thing is crap. What
    since does it make to load up on carbs right before you exercise(cardio
    specifically) when your goal is to lose fat?

  15. @WoWbob396 I’ll fast for 11 hours, then I’ll engage in exercise(weight
    training or cardio) for the 12th hour after which I will break the fast. I
    generally only consume protein and fat during the first 6 hours to keep
    insulin low, and then I’ll consume the bulk of my carbs and calories in the
    last 6 hours.

  16. @PsychopathInFoil yeah I normally go without eating from normally 14-16
    hours, before I used to do 19-21 hour fast which wasn’t really that bad at
    all, when you start weight training you don’t feel as hungry since weight
    training is a natural appetite suppressant and I actually hit a few PRs
    after not eating for 21+ hours. When I normally eat, I just make sure I eat
    enough protein and the rest is fair game lol.

  17. “What you eat determines what you lose!” (I forgot where I heard this
    quote) But its so true. High protein diets allow preservation of muscle
    while losing fat and high protein keeps you fuller longer, making it easier
    to consume less throughout the day. High Carb and high fat diets will make
    it hard as hell to be in fat burning mode because you will always be
    providing your body with carbs, its preferred energy source or you wont get
    enough nutrients with a diet rich in fat.

  18. @Poontangclannn, not if youre resistance training.muscle loss will only
    occur when you start reaching critically low bodyfat levels which pretty
    much nobody has to worry about.you will lose a bit of size/volume due to
    less water and glycogen in the muscles but that will come back as soon as
    calories are back to normal

  19. Dude. First of all, she’s perfectly healthy. Stick thin = Not healthy. I
    don’t see anything wrong with this woman. Second of all, she’s addressing
    the common things people do. There’s people on both ends of the spectrum,
    who eat too little and too much. Those are both common reasons why people
    are overweight. If you eat just fine and exercise, you should be loosing

  20. Ok if you want to loose weight i can guarrentee you this will work eat 6
    small meals a day/diabetic diet and constantly be active go fucking play
    football or basketball or run do somthing sit ups push ups you will loose
    weight stop trying to look for the easy way and just do it already

  21. Panos Katsivardakos

    my problem is that i don’t have the energy to run on the treadmil,i walk
    for 10 minutes and run for a couple of minutes and then im tired.I want to
    run at least 10 minutes and walk 20 on the treadmill,is there anything i
    can do?i also lost 52 pounds frrom june to october

  22. great tips. i like the news anchor format.

  23. @VannaCuppycake13 Starvation Mode is overly exagerated. If you need 3000
    calories a day for your BMR and you keep your intake at 1500 your
    metabolism isn’t going to stop just like that. Sure, it will slow down, but
    it takes weeks and even months for the body to adjust.

  24. @tangelorajan Fat chick?

  25. You are beautiful. I love you!

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