1. To be a nicer person…finally graduate from college..and lose 15-20lbs

  2. to gain weight .. yes I am anorexic 🙁

  3. OMGOMGOMG.<3 I can't believe she used my comment !!!!! This is the best day
    ever. Thanks UrbanOg. <3 (:

  4. My resolution is to get better at actually letting people know what I want.

  5. New years resolution: grow out my nails!!!

  6. My New Years Resolution is to get 100+ volunteer hours 🙂

  7. Same Cup Lol

  8. Your stove is a lot cleaner than mine. Lol. Great video.

  9. how come in the beggining of the video u say “sliced chicken” but later in
    the video u say sliced turkey.?


  11. Hey Valentine, I heard holding the wooden end of a match in your teeth
    while chopping onions eliminates the tearing up factor of the onion… or
    placing a little bowl of water next to the onions because the onion fumes
    are directed to the closest water source… (your eyes) Maybe they’ll work
    for you!

  12. Tip; before cutting your Onion, put ti in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
    It salidifies the juices, so they don’t fly into your eye’s.

  13. She called it chicken in the beginning…

  14. Love your dress

  15. Very energetic gorgeous awesome”””

  16. she said shredded chicken when talking about the turkey wrap lol. anyway, i
    love turkey!!!

  17. ForeverBlackBeauty1

    in my oatmeal i put honey, cinnamon,and raisins 🙂 taste so good!!

  18. Thanks for these videos! I am starting my diet, and these videos will help
    out tramendously!!

  19. daaam u preeety

  20. Liquidplasticable


  21. Heey i am from turkey ;D

  22. Can u do some gluten free healthy meals?

  23. After you cut the big section on the onion you want to dice, run it under
    water before you dice it up. that helps me.

  24. Angeline Del Carmen

    what about a video of food you can buy anywhere diet thingy magigy

  25. My new years resolution is eat much healthier and slim down a couple
    pounds. I will use all of your videos as a guidance.

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