1. Josephdeluna Manalo

    tama…bawas kain lang tamang diet…

  2. Thanks korina for sharing ur natural diet.

  3. tama! eating the right food at THE RIGHT TIME is the secret to reduce
    weight. naniniwala ako kse ginawa ko na. do not take alkaline water 1 hr
    before and after meal. eat VEGGIES and FRUITS with EMPTY STOMACH.

  4. Pwede coffee…I

  5. by cohen meal creations..500.-pesos per day

  6. tnx korina nabawasan ako ng 3kls for 1week… bravo

  7. ang hirap mag diet!! heheh! mlakas akong kumain!

  8. If you seriously want to burn fat fast, you should search google for
    \”Reborn Lean Max\”. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  9. field respondent Journalist? bakit na sa studio lang? mahiya ka sa sarili
    mu!!!!! bobo ka korina sanchez nong inataki mu c Mr. anderson… tira ka ng
    tira sira tuloy stasyon niyo…….

  10. Shut the hell up you stupid cunt! Your a fat ass to begin with anyways.

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