1. i drink gren tea i jsut have pure green tea it doesnt taste much but i like
    it ^^ liek i do try n drink that and not snack liek it does help cravings
    alittle but it does kinda depend how much fo a craving youve got LOL liek i
    hav one sweetner with each greeen tea jsut to add alittle flavour and ijsut
    try nand not snack XD like i want to get skinnier and loss weight and at
    the moment i think im at like 107lb ^^

  2. Idiot

  3. this is such a better idea than those chinese dieters teas. this seems
    natural and like it ill give you good energy and improve your metabolism
    which i need as I am getting older and more sendentary. I dont love the
    taste butm aybe a little honey can help…

  4. @Vernonu9 awww dude, way to ruin it!

  5. try tai chi green tea!

  6. can we add sugar to it??

  7. @rockiebule1112 you mean meth?

  8. tip to reduce weight: first turn your head to the left then turn to the
    right. repeat this excercise everytime you are offered somthing to eat. -W.F

  9. She looks soft and flabby at the arms, why is she doing this video? I would
    prefer someone who is toned and less soft to do this video instead.

  10. @DiversePersona Proof??? Chinese have been using it for thousands of years.
    NO DEATHS. I feel better than ever. look younger feel better, please explain

  11. how do i do that tee without a bag ?o.O

  12. OH HEY DURR BLAH BLAH *enter fake name here* (google it)? lol JK, I’m no
    spam bot… Green Tea is great, I’ve been drinking it for roughly 2 months
    and it makes me feel great, almost ”clean” on the inside haha 🙂 I’ve not
    been able to exercise as much as I want to due to having a bad back, but
    I’m sure if I did I’d lose weight pretty quickly 🙂 Highly recommended!

  13. but lol greentea is realy a wieghtloss boost-.- lost 4inches without any
    change in diet or any exersize wse…. in 1 week that is…

  14. My sister drinks a lot of green tea . She makes a full pot of it almost
    every day . and i’m amazed that she really lost some weight , even though
    she doesn’t deprive herself of eating whatever my mom cooks. But she , on
    the other hand , is regular at doing some activities at home like cleaning
    , washing dishes , washing clothes . So maybe this was also helpful for her
    . I don’t like the green tea but since i’m on a diet so i gotta force
    myself to swallow it

  15. Ur a sexy milf

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