1. Yes, you need this app, before I use this I had never known that my regular
    meal is more than 1000 calories

  2. ok off topic but can you do a video about your cat? its really cute :3

  3. losing 20lbs this summer!! i am gonna work my butt off, and once i lose
    it…i’ll maintain it cause i’m not working that hard to lose weight again

  4. I’m from Hong Kong, and I love all your videos ! It was nice to hear you
    spoke a little bit cantonese in the previous video haha

  5. Wow ! I like your cat~ So cutteee

  6. how much calories do you eat in a day??:)

  7. My app tells me to eat 1,200 but keep in mind I’m small and have a job
    where I sit all day (and have no exercise) so I can’t eat as much calories
    as someone who’s same as me but has a more active lifestyle 🙂

  8. Thanks hun :)! Everyone’s born with a different “natural weight” it’s best
    to stick with that :)! Having curves is awesome 😉

  9. HAhaha we all need someone watching over our food and shake their head when
    we eat junk haha

  10. Wow, everyone’s got a different natural weight 🙂 I’m very light because I
    have really small bones that are very light, and not much muscle (anymore)
    so yea everyone is different 🙂 Someone can look just as skinny and me and
    weight more due to bone density and muscle density so please stick to a
    weight that is healthy for you 🙂

  11. i was very excited to try the app but it said i can only use it if im 18
    yrs or older �?

  12. Where did you get your wu long/oolong diet tea from 🙂

  13. This is so motivating <3 now i feel like going the right path 🙂 also using
    a calorie count app and i'm the same height. Even my weight goal is similar
    ^_^ Thanks a lot! ppl are telling me 1200 calories are too less but it's
    perfectly fine !!

  14. Exactly! Many people overlook this factor and just rate BMIs according to
    caucasian standards…

  15. Lol right when I first saw this video(the day it came out. june 5), I
    started dieting immediately. Was 125 now 105, I downloaded myfitnesspal too
    and started exercising. thank you wengie youre my inspiration godbless! <3

  16. How tall are you??

  17. yep, looking only at bmi she is underweight. No,it has nothing to do with
    genetics of an asian. Asians have just the same kind of genes as we have
    when it comes to metabolism. It’s the culture that is the difference. In
    asia (especially japan) it is culturally accepted to be skinny
    (/underweight) and so they will have cultural habits that will keep them
    skinny. Being underweight doens’t necessarily mean you are unhealthy, that
    depends on what you are eating and you’re body composition.

  18. hello after watching your videos iv found you to be really inspirational 🙂
    would you be able to do a typical daily diet where you show what you eat
    and drink in a day and maybe how you prepare it maybe giving a few recipes
    for breakfast lunch and dinner thanks :).

  19. Yeah… BMIs don’t take into account things like body frame! Some people
    (including other races than asian) are small body framed (like me) so they
    will be “underweight” at a good weight for them according to the bmi!
    Iguess people should figure out what body frame they are and THEN look at
    what bmi they should be and decide whether or not you should be “under” or
    not! ^^

  20. Wengie, how tall are u?

  21. im 14 years old should i dowload this app??

  22. wow you must be super fine boned ( i hope 🙂 im 14 and 48 kilos!

  23. How tall are U wengie? A friend of mine is also 42 kg and is 168 tall, but
    she’s naturally thin. I knew about the existance of MyFitnessPal, but the
    app i use is ShapeUp, its Kind of the same concept 🙂 its really fun to
    count calories that way! I personally always get nervous if i consume more
    kcals than i should…i try not to go Over 1700. Tell me, how much calories
    are U going to eat to actually mantain your new weigh?:))

  24. so for example, if you take in 2000 calories a day you have to burn 2000 to
    lose weight?

  25. you look like that girl from kick ass

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