1. thanks so much for sharing these tips! <3

  2. Thanks! This is the best video about getting a smaller face I’ve watched ;3

  3. 1000 mg is really low! 1500 is mostly recommend towards those with high
    blood pressure or heart disease. There’s actually a lot of controversy over
    sodium intake, but 2000-2500 is ideal.

  4. Same! My mom started having problems whenever a food had the normal amount
    of salt needed, so she started to cut down the salt. My dad and brother
    whined sometimes, so my mom decided to make the food saltless, or have
    little salt, and we would have to put in the amount of salt we want in our
    food. I never minded much. I just ate. I used to be able to eat very salty
    foods, but now I can’t even stand the normal amount of salt, lol. xD Plus,
    I found the taste better with less salt!!!

  5. Could you achieve a smaller face if you’re born with flat/big face by
    following these tips? ~Please Reply

  6. your’e haircolor is so pretty!

  7. genetics arent gonna stop salt from storimg water in your body and puffing
    you up, that’s just what salt does, those people’s faces would appear even
    smaller and nicer looking had they not eatin so much sodium

  8. I’m so jealous of your face shape! I unfortunately have a square face and I
    get crap for it all the time. 🙁

  9. Cintya Mary Margareth Sitanggang

    “appreciate the taste” is the nicest tip to motivate me! thanks :3

  10. You kind of look like Ariana Grande.

  11. Hehee. 360 brings you back to where you started! 😀

  12. Why would you want a “V” shape face? Makes you look like an alien from

  13. How long will it take to notice anything?

  14. i think i know why my cheeks are chubbier then they used to be, i’ve
    combined alot of sodium and water…

  15. thanks so muchhh xxx

  16. Awwww i love the way you said water 🙂 Thanks for the tips, very helpfull

  17. I have such a fat ass face because of my genetics and my family. D: On my
    dads sides only, luckily my moms side is skinny. :3

  18. in the end you said we should cook more i cant cook and was thinking you
    should do some cooking videos

  19. Thank u 🙂 I have such a fluffy face lol

  20. i love your face shape and the tips are very helpful 🙂

  21. I need more of these small face videos!!!! ^^

  22. ur video way too bight

  23. Eating ice cream while watching this—- god dammit

  24. it would be great if you did some cooking videos for healthy eating! i love
    these diet videos though! <3

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