1. More diet tips :)

  2. I love this! Can you please make a video on how you keep your skin so
    lettie? Thanks^^

  3. Jessica The Greek Goddess

    Sugar doesn’t make you fat, either. -_- What makes you fat is a surplus in

  4. Sugar makes you fat, well atleast processed does. You should seriously do
    your research.

  5. Cook Me MORE FOOD!!!!! IM HUNGRY 😀

  6. What circle lenses are those?! You’re sooo pretty!!!!

  7. Omg your circle lenses looks so natural! What brand are those? And i hope
    you’ll do more circle lenses review! I love you miss wengie! Keep up the
    good work! 🙂 <3

  8. Hair tutorial!!

  9. This and the egg one were really helpful ^.^

  10. When I was working night shift, getting healthy frozen meals helped me out
    a lot! You can also buy individual portion sizes of frozen veggies
    (seasoned or with sauce) if you want to add a bit more to your frozen meal
    or want to get more veggies in. I love frozen fruits to add to hot cereal
    or make smoothies, never thought of adding them to tea though! Thanks! (It
    sounds and looks like it’s spring there now, up here we’re just coming into
    fall 🙁 I don’t like the cold.) :-p

  11. Yay Australian!!! I’m asiAN AUSSIE

  12. I made the drink twice^.^ I like it so much!

  13. Def love my frozen berries. It’s almost like ice cream if you get some
    vanilla yogurt of your choice to go with it and stuff. I think frozen
    fruits and veggies would be okay and with the frozen meals it depends on
    your own diet needs. Definitely always helpful to have video’s like this
    for sure. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  14. want moreee ! ur my inspiration <33

  15. your chin looks so pointy! luckyyyy

  16. Next time I’m so buying veggie frozen meals instead of my snacks hhh thanks
    for the tips (ㅇㅊㅇ)

  17. TheHealthyHappyVegan

    I love the berry iced tea recipe! So simple and yummy!

  18. wengie can you a video about how to overcome emotional overeating??? Thanks

  19. Do more video 🙂

  20. Where do u but circle lenses in aus help!!!!!

  21. You seem so tired and lifeless in this video! Get some rest Wengie!! Take
    care of yourself 🙂 <3

  22. It’s hard to healthy when you’re stuck at school all day. Fruits and vegis
    are the best way to go but I understand it gets boring. Something in
    between like pasta w/ steamed vegis in a light sauce is tasty, filling &
    can keep in your bag all day. Also boiled eggs with steamed vegis, or
    deviled eggs with spinach leaves is quick, easy and filling. Also if you
    can set a day aside to make it, kimchi is good to eat daily b/c it helps
    you digest better when you can’t eat healthy all the time. 🙂

  23. thank you so much for the videos! you’re like my bible ily wengie!♥

  24. can you do a video on healthy bentos?

  25. Have you tried \”Xylphlike Fat Loss\”? (Google it) It is a quick way to
    burn calories fast.

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