1. this videos is great! =D thanks

  2. hey i got some tips too: 1. Find at least something to do, because when u r
    bored, u’ll might end up eating even if ur not hungry 🙂 2. If ur eating,
    use a smaller plate but put ur food fully on it so it’ll make u feel like
    ur eating a huge amount of food. 3. Eat foods that you like, but lessen the
    amount of it or u might end up eating diet foods and the foods you love
    because u cant controll urself for not eating it. 4. Eat something huge and
    heavy, but dont eat it too much. u’ll feel full

  3. just started watching your videos, love them. i live in canada too! 🙂

  4. Talking to fastttttttttttttttttt lol. im so slow.

  5. @ddevbeauty Are you an imigrant or ?

  6. U’r from Toronto right ? 😛 U look SO ”Torontoise” , u wear abercrombie,
    you take care of ur apparence, ur an immigrant ( or urs parents) you are
    fashion haha very cool videos and good tricks 😉 continue like this !

  7. youre funny(:

  8. yes their is alot of flower in it and the flower is whats bleached and its
    also missing normal parts of the grain

  9. diet- eat fast-food, don’t work out and play video games= great body

  10. Hey, @deliaBEAUTY instead of Lemon can it be Lime?

  11. I have an ED and I don’t really know why I watch weight loss tips videos,
    to be honest, ’cause they’re usually triggering… but this is the only
    video I’ve seen about dieting that is actually healthy and doesn’t promote
    counting calories and all that crap. Keep it up girl! 🙂 And I love apples
    too, yay =D

  12. Fast motabelism… I hate you :L

  13. do u think fasting is a good way to lose weight???

  14. have you heared of Visalius its soo good and soo healthy

  15. your tips works so well i lost 4 pound in 2 weeks thank you beauty

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    Maximizer. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

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    Fat Loss” to see their reaction.

  18. I soo love food and junkies ofcourse. I just cant resist myself from eating
    it …. this is soo Unfair -.-

  19. asians tend to talk fast uwu

  20. It depends on what you eat and it also depends on what your training or
    exercise program consists. I do eat at night and do not put on weight.
    Hummus and crackers or tortilla chips (low sugar and fat) can be ok at
    night or fruit.

  21. iloveyouyouyouyouily

    FYI people, she’s talking fast because she’s on a role. Not because of her
    race, you racists.

  22. She doesn’t talk fast it’s that your stupid minds can’t comprehend her good

  23. White bread is bad because all the nutrient have been taken out of it. It’s
    very processed

  24. It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other normal people
    accomplish it easily with Xvelte Slimming Formula (check it out on Google).

  25. you talk TO fast

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